Whats better, Superman Coin bend or Infinity Bend?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by SuperLee, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Title says it all here, I was just wondering which product was better - more visual/practical, any hard gimmicks that I will have a hard time finding, and etc. Superman Coin bend is by Roy Kueppers, which can be signed, and Infinity Bend is by Eric Ross. Also, if you check out the trailer for Superman Coin Bend, you might notice the performer =).

  2. im not sure how to do superman coin bend, but i know how to do infinity bend, i've never tried it, some guy said it on some forum unfortunatley and he said it was impractical and i think it's an annoying set up. on the preview on infiinity bend you can give the coin as a survernier but since i know the gimmick, i don't think it can. i don't have the dvd i just know how it's done
  3. superman. there are other ones too that are nice.
    but there is a product sold that teaches you how to make a superman like gimmick. its quite nice. if i find more i'll tell you
  4. i think superman is one of the best.
  5. Out of the two that you mentioned superman hands down.
  6. superman is a lot better since the gimmick is easier to clean up after the performance. But the infinity bend is great too because the audience can see the bend actually happening. So this is purely opinion but I like superman coin bend a lot better because of it's clean up phase.
    hope this helps

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