What's next for T11?

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  1. Hi, What would be next for theory 11 ..thats on everyone's head . First of all i would really like to see what The Wire is and what new products will be coming ? .I've hear things about dangerouse but id also like to know about others ..like a new dvd from wayne or arron and even dan and dave buck . if u can explain mor on this ..pls respond to it please
  2. I've heard rumors that Daniel Madison's Change might come out, but I'm not sure.
  3. Guys, use the search feature, there are so many threads asking this.

    I'm feeling generous, so this is what we know so far.

    Prophet by Tom Isaacson is coming very very soon. Daniel Madison's Dangerous DVD has been shot and is in the process of being edited, so that will probably be coming in the next few months. The.Wire has still not been updated, so that will probably be opened soon. Wayne has said that he doesn't have any more effects that he plans on releasing soon, but you never know!

    If you are looking for things from Dan and Dave, check out their March newsletter. It said that their deck is in its last stages, and they revealed a picture of the Ace of Spades. They are writing a book as well, and they are working on a DVD with Chad Nelson called Surfaced, which will teach the devastating new move called Clip Shift.

    Daniel Madison is rumored to be making a DVD called Change that will include Change, the color change seen in the Centurions DVD, as well as 4 more. Check out his blog, as he talks more about a project called Identity, which will include some more developed versions of the stuff he took off his site.

    That's all I know so far.

  4. And even then, most of the time we don't know much more than you do. We are magicians, not psychic ;)

    On a side note, try to stay involved on the forums Light-flyer, I'm sure you can contribute to the discussions we have. I say this because sometimes guys will register, post something like this but will never come back and get involved.

  5. Well I guess its just a matter of time now, I guess we have to be patient, it also takes a lot of timee and money to build DVD's especially if they are high quality.

    So I guess its patients.

  6. What's next for us? We're going to Giraffe Manor. Wayne, pack up the car... we're driving. To Africa.

    All jokes aside, be on the lookout for an overabundance (is there such a thing?) of great things to come in the very near future. As David already stated, Prophet is on its way. This thing is so extremely visual. I could watch Tom perform it all day. What's after that? You'll just have to wait and see.

    Be sure to check back for more news as it is released.

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