What's so special about Wynns?

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  1. I've seen people covet these cards, but what is so different about them then any other Bee deck? Are they rare or something? Same goes for Jerry's Nuggets, why are they so popular/sought after?
  2. Bc they hold together amazingly for flourishing. Period.
  3. Jerry's are because of Dan and Dave. It's true they do handle different buutttt, not trying to troll or anything, they're not really $120ish deck. Im afraid to even touch mine for how much I paid for them.

    Wynns are kinda same kinda deal. Again, they do handle nice, but I think it's just one of those things we card workers have to deal with where we WANT any deck we don't have if we hear that it'd decent. I'm not saying that's a bad thing or anything, but I for one look at my collection and wonder how many of them I'll actually use...
  4. They are rare and wanted, that's why they are expensive.
  5. So Jerry Nuggets are actually rare, which is why they are worth so much. But are Wynn's rare at all? or are they just nice cards?
  6. Some of the Wynns are rare. Not all of them, though, I think.
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    The Jerry's are hype mainly because of Dan and Dave and other great magicians use them, many people did first know of them after seen DnD use them. Yes those cards do handle well, but many people are thinking of it like if they were the best in the world; they not the best in the world. The best in the world is the cards that you think is the best.
    The Jerry's are very rare, because they stop printing them years ago. Those cards are very popular, and many known magician has/are using them, they good cards, and therefore many people want to have them. On Ebay they cost about 250$.
  8. The Jerry's are not popular or rare because of Dan and Dave. Those cards were rare before they were born. They were favorites of Dai Vernon and other top card men throughout the 70's. The technology used to print them is out dated and no longer available so they can not be reproduced. Check out Lee Asher's website for more info on the Nuggets.

    All of the Wynn decks are out of print as well but that happened more recently. They have a thicker casino stock and an elegant design wich makes then great for flourishing and table work. The Brown decks are more rare than the Violet and Red ones however, as far as I know you can't find any color anywhere but on e-bay. They differ sleightly in stiffness and ability to fan. The Browns handle the best of the three in my opinion.

    When it comes right down to it they are all just playing cards and they are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. They will not make you a better magician. That's up to you. Keep practicing.

  9. Jerrys are not at all popular because of Dan and Dave, they are because the greats used the cards 40 years ago.

    They are rare and hard to get (sorta) so thats why people want them. They also handle great.


  10. That's why Lee Asher was able to purchase them for $1 per deck?? Remember these cards were sold as novelties in the gift shop for years for $.50 - $1 each... These decks may have been used by magicians for 40 years, but they really didn't become popular until Dan and Dave started using them. They wouldn't be as rare as they are now had it not been for the craze that Dan and Dave started.
  11. You make a good point, but just because it was cheap, doesn't mean it wasn't popular! - Case in point, Bicycles! On the other hand, you are right in saying, in my opinion, that D&D had a role in popularising them to a whole new generation of magicians, and certainly added to their value now that the production has stopped.
  12. I've heard that each of the Wynn decks (Brown, Red, and Blue) all are printed on different card stock, is that true?
  13. At any one point in time, the casino would have been using one colour only. So it could be true that the different colours were printed on different batches.
  14. The Jerrys are thinner Wynns to me.I think too many people lust after jerrys because of DnD.
  15. I don't believe that's true. I don't know about the Signature Wynn's stock though because I don't have any.
  16. well not all wynns are valuable, just the older design with the logo and white border, i own 2 decks of the latest kind with the honeycomb bee design and the word Wynn writtten in cursive and they were very inexpensive and theyre really not that great.

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