What's the best magic thing you have received this year?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Dec 4, 2019 at 2:48 AM.

  1. Hey y'all,
    so we get a lot of threads on here about beginner products and we don't talk a whole lot about the new stuff we get and use. That's why I made this thread. I'd like to know what you received or purchased this year (or recent past) that you love.

    I've broken my stuff down into categories, you can follow the format if you want but no need. This is just my favorite stuff I have acquired this year:

    Favorite Book: Architect of the Mind by Drew Backenstoss (Brent Braun's book is also high on the list)

    Favorite Gadget: Flux by Pro Mystic

    Favorite Toy: Crystal Clever

    Favorite Anytime Anywhere Piece of Magic: Penrose Pendant

    Favorite Kid's Piece: Super Ball by Nathan Kranzo

    Favorite Deck of Cards: Bicycle Insignia Deck

    Favorite Utility Device: The Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher is I believe the best peek wallet out there! Fight me!

    What's your favorite magic that you have acquired or learned this year?
  2. It's not really a magical thing, but for me it's without a doubt Steve Forte's Gambling Protection Series.
  3. Favorite Addition to the Collection - Rodker edition of The Discoverie of Witchcraft

    It's funny when I see these threads because I find myself thinking, "Did I get that thing this year?"

    Pretty sure I got Pain Game this year and that's my current favorite smash and stab method.

    I picked up an entertainment hypnosis training video from Michael C Anthony and Mike Mandel and that's probably my favorite video this year. Definitely got me amped up to create a hypnosis show.
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  4. It's not often that I buy much magic anymore, but this year I think I got some pretty amazing books to round out my collection:

    The Magic Rainbow by Juan Tamariz
    52 Lovers Through The Looking Glass by Pepe Carroll
    The Books of Wonder 1 & 2 by Tommy Wonder

    I also purchased Helder Guimaraes' Secret Language in December of last year and was hoping to put it on the list of those I'd receive this year, but the delays have pushed it to January of 2020.

    52 Lovers and the Books of Wonder are currently in the mail; I treated myself to those pretty late this year on Black Friday :)
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  5. I can assure you these are all excellent choices.

  6. All good books, though I wasn't exactly enamored with the Magic Rainbow as much as I have liked some of his past books. I did like the section on how humor can make or break a great trick. The placement of jokes within a routine and how they affect the magic was super interesting to me.
  7. I've pulled back on my magic spending this year but I have treated myself occasionally. My favourite is Teaching Magic by Eugene Burger.
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  8. Books
    Anneman's Enigma
    Deland - Mystery and Magic
    Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination
    Tamariz - Magic Rainbow
    Haas - Burger From Beyond
    Burger - Teaching Magic

    Come to think of it... I'm not sure if I got anything other than books this year.
  9. I have Pure Imagination coming in the mail!
  10. It was a year of old and new for me; but mostly it was me trying to be more intentional in my purchases and acquisitions this year - what with moving my family away from Josh and the gang up there in Utah. I basically focused on what would help me in my current goal to design a show I could go public with next year, after I graduate from my Master’s program.

    Favorite Book: I too picked up Architect of the Mind by Drew Backenstoss. However, my favorite pickup in books this year was PHASMA by Phedon Bilek. I tend to have a love-hate relationship with creators’ attempts at propless mentalism, but linking concepts in this book to Phedon’s earlier (was it last year?) release on a propless divination of a thought of drawing has been fun for me and what I’ve been playing around with.

    Favorite Addition to the Collection (and my project for next year): completing parts two and three for a book test series with a bizzare theme, complete with what I suspect is a Pegasus Page-type of effect included. I already owned the first release, but two and three haven’t arrived yet; so maybe it has been pushed forward to early next year.

    Favorite Gadget: Ragged School Slates; hands down favorite purchase for this year.

    Favorite Toy: Patrick Kim’s Ambi Ring; I’ve been working to have in place different items that I can use as more natural hooks both in my office at work and at home. I like how the ring allows me to carry such a hook on my person.

    Favorite Anytime Anywhere Piece of Magic: Will to Read by Steve Dela.

    Favorite Deck of Cards: I didn’t anticipate picking up any new decks of cards this year, but when Theory11 announced the collaboration with Darren Brown I picked up a box set and a few loose decks. This was entirely an impulse purchase, hands down. I had been looking into purchasing Darren’s two older books because I wanted to understand his thoughts and approach in theory; and had recently learned about The Devil’s Picturebook instead just before that one post appeared on the forums here; so timing aligned. Also working in Theory11’s favor was me still kicking myself for not picking up the mystery deck collector edition set when it was still available on the website.

    I also signed up for Jamie Daws’ VIP lecture cohort (I think that is what it is called); and Aaron Alexander’s course coming up. When I began putting ideas down for the show I am trying to get together I stumbled across Jamie’s course offering and it talked about conversations around prop building, scripting, character development; elements which felt like they would be more important and valuable than continuing my magic lecture subscriptions. I knew from everyone’s wisdom shared here that throwing things together loosely and disjointedly would be terrible. Instead, I wanted things to be very intentionally included, placed, and developed. Jamie’s project is helping with that for me; and I’m looking forward to hearing Aaron’s ideas on authentic connections; it’s different, but a lot of Aaron’s ideas and approach to performing resonate with me, and feel good.
  11. My 2 big new effects I am in love with currently are Time Machine by Josh Zandman and Pokemon Wild Card by Michael Bloemeke. Both went right into my working set!

    I also bought the Rose Act by Will Tsai. It’s great, just not sure what to do with it yet lol
  12. You're a champ man!Ragged School Slates seem awesome!
  13. That Pokemon Wild Card is EPIC

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