What's the best type of playing cards?

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  1. Excluding the rarity or cost of a deck of cards what do you guys think is the best deck of playing cards as far as handling and functionality are concerned? I've been using a deck of regular blue bicycle playing cards and they are starting to clump. Any suggestions on what type of cards handle nicely is greatly appreciated. (Also I'm using them mostly for card magic not flourishing so if you use different decks for different things I'm looking for a deck to use for magic.)
  2. I personally enjoy using regular bikes because they are cheap for the type of quality that they deliver. But I strongly recommend that you check out the Complete List Of Reviews thread.

  3. Wow thanks! I didn't know this page existed!
  4. Yes, for performances I mainly use good ol' 808 Rider Backs, but Guardians are simply fantastic. They feel great, last nearly twice as long as Bikes, and look beautiful while doing it. You should check them out, give them a try. I also have reviews for quite a few decks, and more coming here within a week or two... once I get off my lazy butt and get around to it.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I was wondering about guardians and since I've heard only good things I think that might be the next deck I get; so many people like them it can't hurt to give them a shot!
  6. I'm sure you'll love them. And if you need any more convincing, check out my review for it!
  7. Bikes are good cause they're cheap.

    Ghosts are good cause they last long.

    Guardians feel awesome.

    Tallys are just awesome (filmart.com)

    PM me for cheap bikes (cheaper than 808cards)
  8. They feel great, last nearly twice as long as Bikes, and look beautiful while doing it. You should check them out, give them a try.

  9. Honestly, I have to agree with Dan Sperry on this one. A laymen really does not care what kind of deck of cards you are using so you can't go wrong with Bikes. In fact, I'm trying to put together this card routine where I do crazy wonderful effects such as the Invisible Deck, Sleeper, Vortex, Camper, Perfect, etc. and the kicker is that I want it all to be under the illusion that it was done with a single red back Bicycle deck of cards.

    But as a card enthusiast I really love the look of the gold and green monarchs, the Love Me deck, ShadowMasters, Ghosts, Artifices, and anything that Madison puts out.
  10. Another thing you need to consider is all of the decks we've mentioned in this thread are ALL made by the same company using the same paper. So you're really only picking what "color" and "design" you like the best. The cards in this thread - bikes - guardians or Artifice are all made by USPCC

    Cards clump unless you take care of them. Meaning don't drop them on the floor, always wash your hands before use and keep them away from cool / damp conditions.

    When cards start clumping that's usually your indicator that it's time to buy a new deck. That's why most people just go with plain ol bikes, they are affordable, you don't mind tearing them or writing on them and you can find them anywhere.

    Have fun
    How playing cards are printed: http://tinyurl.com/USPCCcutandfinish

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