Whats the best way to steal the bottom card?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Thats One, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Hey guys. I've finally gotten good at a spread control (DMB Spread Control 2.0) and I'm thinking about using it for a quick card-to-pocket effect.

    Whats the best way to steal the bottom card and where should I learn the move? I've tried buckling into gamblers cop but I could find a video or book that explained it well.
  2. I am not a professional but in my opinion the gambler's cop is the best way to add or remove cards. You can also try a bottom palm.
    The tutorial for both of these is available in video format at t11. Jason England teaches the move and gives some apllication for it as well.
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  3. Can I still gambler's cop while standing up? I've tried it in the mirror and the angles seem tough. I might just need more practice though...
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  4. Try the side steal from Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique or Jason England's video.
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  5. Or Card College 3.
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  6. Honestly I personally use the gambler's cop while standing up more often than while I'm sitting at a table.
    If you are doing magic for a lot of people or fully surrounded a bottom palm or a side steal is your best bet. But if you are performing for 2 or 3 people in front of you, it is easy to master your angles. Jason england gives some good tips on it. And honestly, Daniel Madison's DL on the move is worth watching as well.
  7. There's a really good one handed bottom palm taught in Earnest Earrick's By Forces Unseen - but that book is really hard to get your hand son.

    Alternatively there's a good one handed bottom palm in Benjamin Earl's "Past Midnight" series I believe.

    Otherwise, depending on which hand I need it in - I use a gambler's cop, side steal, or a steal to Tenkai that I think I got/tweaked from Madison.
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  8. My go to method is the “Bottom shift to perpendicular palm”
  9. I would just switch to the TPC to bottom palm or Ackerman's Convincing Control to bottom palm. These give you control + palm in more or less one move.
  10. BFU is still my all time favorite magic book. It is extremely difficult to master a lot of the tricks, and his sleights are just as hard as entire routines. However, these effects are as close to truly stunning magic as ive ever gotten with just a deck of ungimmicked cards. The one handed bottom palm is very tricky to learn, but its a move I use in countless routines now, and it has replaced a wide variety of palms in my arsenal. Well, well worth it, and essential if you ever plan on relying on tricks that use steals as a major part of your arsenal.

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