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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guardian452, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. um....


    but how does this differ from ellusionist??

    with "high def" and great editing, and cool backround music, with thier own clothe line coming out, and custom decks, and 1 trick dvds

    i mean, its a great site, no offense, i like the look and everything

    and the tricks look AMAZING, but what changes you guys from ellusionist??

    i mean, im not here to bash theory11 at all, i will probably buy some things off of here....

    but i want to here from the makers of this project/ site and their opinions
  2. they seem to have actual values and ethics that ellusionist lacks greatly.
  3. Hopefully no attacks on Brad will become of it.

    Me, I see no difference. It is just Theory 11 is this place, and Ellusionist is the other place.
  4. um

    no ethics???

    how do you know that these guys have ethics???

    from the 3 hours they have been open you know know the entire network of magicians working here???
  5. i think this site is better hopefully it doest turn out like ellusionist.
    I Mean ellusionist is good but so far i think you guy will become MORE successful
    i see so many creative Magician one of my favorite Wayne and Lee.:cool:
  6. To me, E is just a store and theory 11 is a community. Yes they still sell stuff but it seems like they intend to deliver tutorials and allow videos to be posted and critiqued allowing growth.
  7. that doesnt answer my question at all

    what changes this site from an Ellusionist v.2????

    site wise, dvd making wise, marketing wise
  8. This site isn't just a single person asking for other magicians to reveal their stuff and then get money for it, this is a group of friends who respect what they do and wanted to start something for the younger people of magic and let their secrets and legacy be told. From what I believe =]. It's nothing like Ellusionist.

  9. Theory11 is and will be the greatest magic website you'll ever enter ...
  10. and you know this from the 3 hours this site has been open???
  11. No, from watching the video on whatistheory11.com, They even mention the younger magic community and saying they're the future. And from what the staff have posted on here so far that's what I concluded. =]

  12. we know the magicians, like kenner, the bucks , asher and fisher. what do we know about brad other then not much of a magician, and likes eye make up
  13. For the second time to answer your question yes, that's what it appears to be until something else proves other wise. They seem to like each other and be friends, and if they're not lying then they want to try and "better" magic and help instead of limit what people talk about and limit help on sleights and what not.
  14. If you have looked through the site youd see that at least from what they say their mission is, shows very good values. Instead of store 1st community 2nd. Its the opposite. They seem to rather help the newcomer then tell them to buy a dvd teaching how to palm a card because its the "newest and best" thing ever. Much less aggressive.
  15. From what I remember, Brad has been doing it for so long. And the only video I remember with him wearing eye make up was in Ninja 1.
  16. I think these guys are a little more respectable then brad. Don't you?
  17. Lets try and get off the topic about Brads eye make-up, today is a day to celebrate Theory11 and their opening, and how this is probably the new revolution in magic as we know it :)

  18. one trick dvds, crazy ass shipping charges??

    you guys have been brain washed by the hype

    i have nothing against the site, but im trying to figure out what makes it different than ellusionist with ethics???
  19. Guys, why does it matter?

    It's another magic site, just like Penguin, MJM, and so on. Yes it might be similar to Ellusionist, but so what?

    They might have more of a competition now, but hey that's what businesses deal with: competition.

  20. That's not neccessarily ethics but more like business. I'm assuming they want to stay open.

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