What's the next XCM DVD to buy?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by bert, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. What other XCM DVD's are good to buy next??? I got XB1,XB2,Trilogy and Genesis right now... What other DVD's are good and will be a great help to improve my skills?
  2. Do not buy cradle to grave or the cobra cut DVD. They are not worth it.
  3. I think that should already have you covered for the next 5 years.
  4. I think Genesis v2 will be available later this year...
  5. oh...I forgot to mention that I also have bone ho's anaconda...

  6. is it enough??? ok then... maybe I should just practice, practice, practice to make it more fast and damn smooooooooooooooth..... ^_^
  7. Just to step in.
    I have minimal amounts of training videos and i have about 7 different flourishes and a few displays under my belt. All of them done by me from scratch. Have re invented a lot and scrapped most of the reinventions. In flourishing training video are just that, training videos. They give you the moves and you build with them. You basically get building blocks and make a town. Some of it you use like it is on the DVD some of it you use in pieces in different flourishes.

    Don't be like a guy named magicman1212 was, i quote: "I think the DVD is ****, ill still buy it...". Don't be a buy monkey just take in everything you can from what you have.

  8. I think you should stay right now and practise the flourishes especially the ones from the Trilogy. Best of luck on that dvd!
  9. Create. Dont Imitate.
  10. Yea, stay on it. These material are enough for a few years, the buck twins take 9 years to perfect everything. So i think you should stay on quality but not quantity.

  11. actually I'm not some kind of a buy monkey... I just want more resources so that I can collaborate more... but thanks for your advice, it's really good!
  12. CTG and Cobra Cut has some specific moves that might not seem "necessary" in today's XCM/flourish/cardisting, seeing as there's a plethora of other stuff out there for the picking. However, way back when these were "the" moves to get. And just because there's other stuff, doesn't mean CTG and CC have nothing to offer. I say go for it.

    - JCG
  13. CTG and Cobra DvD ? I say go for it :D
    And what about Brian Tudors Showoff dvds, Daniel Madisons Lethal, Motion or the System by Dan and Dave ? there is great Material too.

    And dont forget to register at theVirts homepage i m sure they ll sell some awesome products in the future.
  14. as you say... maybe I'll also check CTG and CC... speaking of the system... I have it already and as of now learning the moves on it...
  15. I'm just a beginner like you... I hope we achieve the level that we want in doing flourishes and XCM...
  16. whats the point of buying so much if you havent learnt the stuff?
  17. that's the reason of buying so you can learn the stuff...
  18. Well i was joking -_-
    You have already enough material for 1or 2 years easily.
    Sit down and practice the dvd content. It ll take severeal months until you have one complicated flourish like False Sybil or Pandora down and smooth. Especially as a beginner its harder. Take your time with the stuff you already have :)
  19. my question was why buy more and more and more, when you dont learn the stuff. not why buy. : )
  20. encyclopedia of playing card flourishes. Get through that first.

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