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  1. you riffle through the cards with the faces of the cards toward the spectators, having them think of one they see? I use it all the time, but have no idea what it's called.
  2. This slight/force has no name but it is often called the riffle force(not the pinky break version) or the thought of card force. It can be found on Expert At The Card Table by Erdnase on page 169. Thats all i know.
  3. It's in a lot of places. ^ correctly identified it as originating in Erdnase. And it is commonly referred to as the Riffle Force. There are several variations but they follow the same basic idea. No new information from ^, but confirming what he said.
  4. It's referred to as the riffle force. I know nothing else but I'm hopping on the bandwagon and confirming what the smart guys are saying ^.
  5. I also learned it as the riffle force. I first learned about it in Dan & Dave's 'Commercial' found here as a 1-on-1.
  6. I know it from Commercial as well, though it is not called the riffle force. The riffle force forces a card from the center of the deck using a break,
  7. Err, actually, it is. If you see commercial's 1-on-1 description, it tells you that it teaches the riffle force, along with the click (snap) change and some variations of it.

    So yes, it is a riffle force.

    Although I'm quite sure that you could cut a playing card in half and put that under the card you want to force... should look a bit cleaner from the side, and stop on the card you are trying to force.
  8. This idea is mentioned in Nicholas Einhorns "Practical Encyclopedia of Magic", in which he really expands on it. Not sure about any other sources for it.
  9. To clarify, both are called the riffle force.

    I would call the one asked about in this thread a Riffle Peek Force and the other just the riffle force.
  10. hmmm. but the "riffle peak force" sounds like the one where you ask them to say "stop" and you show them the card to remember.
  11. In one of the tricks on the Trilogy DVD (can't remember what it is, probably "Swiss made") Dan and Dave use this force and call it "Riffle force". But the sleight where you have to use pinky break to force a card is also often called the "Riffle force". So this is just one of the things to remember.
  12. Yes it is A riflle force, not THE riffle force. There are so many different ways to force a card using a riffle, as RikAllen said they are both called a riffle force

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