Whats the trick called in which a spectator hears a voice in their mind telling them something?

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  1. What is this called and where can I purchase some sort of effect like this? Thanks!
  2. Alien Mindreading is one version. There are a few of these devices available.
  3. are most of these tricks as expensive as that? have you found anything cheaper? what is this type of trick called?
  4. Alien Mind Reading is probably the least expensive one. That or TISH. There's also a couple more versions that are over a thousand dollars.

    To my knowledge this "type of trick" doesn't really have a quippy name. It's making someone hear a voice in their head. You can also use most of these devices as a way to be cued information as well using an assistant. The device these gimmicks use has been used in a lot of applications in the lay market, but getting it into a gimmick that can be used deceptively is not terribly easy.
  5. Isn't there one which Chris Ramsay used in his street magic video in the long-past past? (Months ago*)
  6. Pretty sure he used Alien Mind Reading. He's not the type who's going to drop over a K for a single YouTube video and TISH and such hadn't hit the market yet.
  7. I have that, it's called Schizophrenia!!:D
  8. Inception by ProMystic is another. I don't have it, but I bought color match years ago and the porduct was excellent and the service was awesome. I called Craig and he answered all my detailed questions before I purchased.
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  9. That's the one I always forget the name of.
  10. He's spent thousands on puzzles before.
  11. Spent or was given puzzles of that value? I admit I don't watch his channel frequently so my experience is from when he worked at E.
  12. Pretty sure he buys them. Idk I don't watch him much anymore.
  13. I think he sort of compromised on his magician-fanbase by including not only puzzles but also a segment that Pewdiepie used to do. Well, at least it grants a way of exposure (the good kind) for upo and coming innovative magicians (ones lucky enough to get lots of upvotes on the subreddit at least...).

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