What's with the price?

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  1. I mean seriously, why is the new apparel so much money!!! Now don't take this the wrong way, I still like t11 just I understand why It costs so much.
  2. Profit! That's why any magic company starts. Not trying to dis Theory11. It's just a way for them to make money.
  3. they didn't set the price. Its an independent producer of the line and T11 got the exclusive rights to be the only other retailer of the line and they actually got a discount.... soooo yeaaaahhh.. maybe look around and research before casting stones...
  4. The fashion industry is completely different world and culture. People would ask why a cheap gimmick made of arts and crafts costs so much for us, if they were on the outside looking in.
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    Better to buy a T11 shirt than to wear one of these:
    Same price range.

    Sorry if I offended anyone...

    Just joking.

    Ed Hardy.
  6. LOL!! WOW! What a couple of tools! I hope the guys in that picture were posing as a joke, because, man... wow, no words to describe.
  7. Profit = Making something at the lowest possible cost, and than sell it at the highest possible price.
  8. Yeah I wouldn't put the blame for this one on T11 its a fashion thing. Still too expensive for my taste though.
  9. Perhaps Theory11 could utilize the T-shirts as bonuses during a X-mas sale event. You know how E does, when you spend $100, that puts you at a certain tier for a certain bonus gift, When you spend $200, that gets you something even nicer. That is what I would do if they have a supply of them just sitting because nobody wants to spend that kind of money on them.

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