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    Hi. I would like to know what's your favorite control or which control you use most. My favorite ones are the Center Steal Control by SW Erdnase and redone by Jason England, and Chad Nelson's Spread Pass. Edit: Oh, and I also use the clipshift.
  2. Wow! I was waiting for a thread like this. It's a really hard decision as I love many, but the one's I use the most are the cull or the Nowhere pass.
  3. I enjoy using the bluff pass, or any flourish that would bring the card to the top. I don't have any favorites; I use any one that accomplishes what I need for that routine.
  4. I usually use Joel Paschalls Fan Control, or just use a pass depending on my angles.
  5. Diagonal Palm Shift
    Dai Vernon Multiple Shift
    Double Undercut
    Outjogged Herman Shift
  6. s

    i really like using both the dribble and riffle pass. but most often, i use a fan control+ overhand shuffle control to the top
  7. Classic Pass and Marlo Tilt. If the mood strikes me ill throw in a nowhere pass
  8. Controls

    For me, I Use a couple.

    Joel's "Death to the Double Undercut"
    Ricky's "Cherry Control"
    Danny's "Ego Slip"
    and lastly

    Aarons's "Out-joged Herman Shift"

    -Jon R.
  9. most of the time I just use a marlo tilt or bluff pass, but I really like the cherry control
  10. my favorite is the dribble pass, but i practice many.
  11. Never really bothered learning other controls. Just know the classic pass, and a double undercut. Never been called out on it.
  12. double undercut, then riffle shuffle. Never been caught out on it, so if it ain't broke why fix it! It is simple so I can talk and not look at my hands whilst doing it, which generally means no one else is either! Also, the riffle shuffle means its very easy to add a couple of cards above the chosen one if you need to for the trick. I have a a couple of tricks where the card needs to be second from the top. If anything, this makes the shuffle more convincing, because even if the spectator thinks the cuts brought the card to the top, then seeing extra cards falling on top it if makes them think there is no way you've controlled it.

    I used to like using the hindu shuffle control occasionally, but it's a shuffle that looks odd to most people, so arouses more suspicion than others.

  13. Outjogged Hermann shift
    Cherry Control
    Double Undercut
    Pass (with misdirection ONLY. Cause mine isnt to special lol)

    and whatever control is used in this video I dont know the name:


  14. Peek Control
    Riffle Pass
    D.F.'s Dribble Pass
    Dribble Pass
    Diagonal Palm Shift (Vernon Method) (With Several ways that I get into it)
    Ricky's Cherry Control

    Out of these. one of the easiest and most deceptive is the peek control.
  15. Classic Pass
    Invisible Pass (Giobbi's Handling)
    Bluff Pass (My Handling)
    Side Steal (Perhaps My Favorite)
    Double Undercutt
  16. the pass is all i need.

  17. the peek control sounds interesting. any sources for it?
  18. I know there is a version in Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique and I believe there is a version in Card College as well (I'll go look in my copy)

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