What's Your Favorite Deck?

Aug 1, 2008
Salinas, CA
What's Your favorite Deck from Ether Theory 11 Or Ellusionist? And Why?

So Far My Favorite Deck Has been David Blaine's Split Spades Lion Edition. Why You Ask Because They Just handle Great They Look Good, I Don't Flourish Much But Just The backs on the cards Are great Detail And Love the Three colors You can get. And like said in other Post If One of the greatest Like David Could Use them And Also Approve Them They must be Good!

Remember Just My Opinion...!
Jul 13, 2008
I love my new centurions . . . they handle 100 times better than bikes, and I thought bikes handled well. The only other cards I've really liked is Bee's. They last forever. I've had them for about a year and have used them extensively and yet they still feel good as new.
I find that the Shadow Masters deck is the best I have ever felt. I have been using it in street magic for weeks and it's been dropped, cards bent, scratched to be sure of authenticity and a lot more. I also love Tally Blue Fanbacks.

Aug 4, 2008
Well, currently i would have to say tally-ho's. I use bikes though because i can get them for under a dollar a deck, and in my walkaround i have a lot of card signing lol. If im doing a competition though ill use tally's. Oh, for feel and longetivity i kinda like shadowmasters lol, but there to expensive for actual everyday use.

However, i have 3 bricks of wynn's in the mail headed to me right now. I have never used them, but they have gotten great reviews everywere so my favorite deck might soon change.
Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
Regular Bikes. They are alot cheaper than customs, customs are WAY to thick, and when you do magic with customs, the first thing people assume is that they are tricked, and even when you prove that they're not, they still think they are just because the way that they look
Nov 3, 2007
From all decks wich I have my favorite 2 type of decks. Taly Ho's (Cyrcle) and Centurions with Guardians. Taly Ho loks great and especialy fo cardisry. Centurions and Guardians I like to use for magic trix (for me they are perfect for magic).

But I still want to try Aladdins 1001. :)
Aug 5, 2008
Man I am still trying to live with myself after buying 12 Aladdin Smooths... they are so bad for magic... its not funny...

Not really, Smooth finish are pretty good overall, but who buys that deck for magic, If i were you Id use normal bikes for magic and the Aladdins for flourishing.
Jun 13, 2008
Tacoma, WA
Where handling is concerned, my favorites are the Shadow Masters and the Masters.
Where art is concerned, I like Guardians and Shadow Masters.
When it comes to actual use, I like Tigers and Guardians.

So why don't I use the Shadow Masters if they are my favorite for both looks and feel? Steerpike says it well in both these forums and E's forums. You have to wear the deck, not have the deck wear you. I can't wear the Shadow Masters (I don't do mysterious), but I can easily wear the Tigers and Guardians (I can wear the Ghosts well, too so I occasionally use them).

I still need to try Black Ghosts, Centurions, and Split Spade Lions sometime. I have 0 experience with them.
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Jul 6, 2008
i use 5 types of cards
blue arrcos
blue new fan backs
blue wpt playing cards
red wynns (brown ones are also okay, but i hate the blue ones)
and blue bikes, regular bikes

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