What's your favorite effect that you perform the most?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Well , the title says it all ... I'm just curious :)
  2. I love performing The Queens ATM. But other than that, my ACR always comes along :)

  3. ACAAN

    [Word Count]
  4. A two card transpo, always my opener if I'm performing commercial magic
  5. 99 by Sankey, the only thing I use from him.
  6. I would have to go with Holy Moly by Sankey. My favorite coin trick.
  7. I love performing here then there as a opener den follow by ACR.
  8. I love how the last two effects were not about cards especially how this was written in the card magic forum.

    My go to effect is a three phase thought of card routine, where I divine the first card. The second card I confer with my 'helper' about the identity and for the final card one spectator selects it face down and the other names it.
  9. Extreme Burn

    Best trick ever.
  10. ACR or Refined by Josh Brand
  11. Oh D ICE R hush you silly aussie fool. 99 is a card trick, in my mind so that's all there is to it. :D
  12. either Time Machine or B'Wave. Two truly good tricks right there.
  13. Biddle is one I enjoy busting out.
  14. Right now it would be Sloppy shuffle truimph. I use Fan control for this trick. I love to perform this because the hecklers just stay quiet.
  15. my new recent fav is loophole by cameron francis. dave forrest's specific handling which has an awesome kicker is a real pleaser. its an acr with a very original and visual climax, and then a 4 of kind kicker. Its a mini routine all in itself and it is GREAT
  16. The Biddle Trick , Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher, Hand to Mouth and Sloppy Shuffle Triumph by Chris Kenner.................I just cant decide. All 4 are awesome.
  17. I like to perform i mental epic byEric Doubios. Or Mouthpeice a great coin effect.
  18. I like to perform as a opener an effect that utilizes the aces and doesn't really require any sort of setup .... I like to perform Estimation Aces as a opener ..... A killer routine
  19. Universal Impression...

    Inferno Kaiser
  20. The Biddle Trick is mine.

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