What's your main street magic style card trick?

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  1. Hey.

    I'm having the trouble of wondering what would be the best card trick(s) for me to learn, as at the moment I believe my collection of tricks has gone a bit stale. I don't really have any hard hitting tricks; just the convention double lifts.

    So, I was wondering - if somebody comes up to you and asks you to show them a card trick, what do you perform? I'm looking for something which can be done with a regular deck, which will get great reactions if done well. I want to start learning card magic that is a bit more professional. Also, it would be great if the trick wasn't too angle sensitive - those kind of tricks aren't great for performing around school and town.

    Any suggestions? The name of the trick would be great, so I can search around to a find a performance of it.

  2. one of my main go to tricks is card to mouth. its easy and the reactions are great. also, any ambitious card trick is good if you say you know the double lift and also if you want to learn some card controls. i sometimes use card to mouth a closer for an ambitious card routine, but often perform it on its own. card to mouth is available as a 1 on 1 here on this site, along with some great card controls and color changes.
  3. Yea, I find card to mouth is a good trick. I use it from time to time, and just like you, I find it a great closer for ambitious card. These are two rountines which I can work quite well now, but I am looking to learn some other things. My problem with hand to mouth on it's own is it is a very short effect - I want to learn effects with story lines, where the audience can follow along.

    Thanks for your suggestions :)
  4. I LOVE the Biddle Trick. It KILLS. I've gotten very good reactions for that trick. Also, a simple two-card transpo type thing is a great effect for the streets.
  5. 5Speed gets good reactions if the people remember their card by the end of the trick.

    Hand to mouth is also extremely excellent.

    Card to Wallet is a hit when a friend of mine does it.

    Stigmata is fun for restaurant situations.

    This is just my POV, but it seems that my coin magic almost always hits harder than my card magic. Not sure why, but it typically does :).

    Good luck!
  6. 5Speed
    Card to Mouth
    Hellbound Spellbound

    Just a few of the top of my head. Hope this gives you an idea.:D
  7. Ambitious Card Routine
    Rubber Band Magic
    Prophet (or any bill change effect)

    This more for street magic in general
    but Ambitious Card and Identity
    are both very strong as far as card effects go.
    Also the Biddle Trick.
  8. If you like the effects with one foot in mentalism and one foot in card magic , I can advise you this routine of John Bannon which is a pure bomb: "Dead Reckoning"! Fairly easy to do, almost automatically, the spectators can shuffle and cut, and the best is that you can do it again right after!

    Here is the link, if you want to see the performance of John : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaGXhUPMsBE

    You'll find this routine in the DVD "Bullets after Dark" or the book "Dear Mr. Fantasy". Both are masterpiece of work in card magic !

    Hope this helps :)
  9. naked strange Paul harris gimmickless , impromptu version of strange travelers. is my go 2 effect.
  10. Double lift is hard hitting. Blaine uses it all the time and people freak. Maybe you should just work on your character/presentation of the tricks you already have?

    But in the spirit of answering your question, tricks I nearly always do are:

    That usual one where spectator picks a card, you lose it, the show a card that's not theirs and then change it to theirs in their hand (using DL). This is always my opener as it establishes you as being 'good' very quickly.

    Sloppy shuffle triumph (Love this trick!)

    Biddle Trick

    Doc Daley's last trick

  11. Thanks for the pointers :p

    And yea, I totally agree with you. DL are powerful, and if I developed my character I could probably improve my reactions a lot. I've been in card magic around 7 months now I think, and now I've started to seriously think about the patter of my tricks. Although, I'm finding it hard to come up with good story lines for tricks such as the one you mentioned; the one where, using a DL, you change a random card to the chosen card in a spectators hand. Oh well, maybe over time it'll come to me.

    Thanks though :)
  12. Well I do:

    Ladys looking glass variation
    Doc Daleys last ace trick
    Wave change
    Cards across
    Card to mouth
    Ace shaker
  13. Biddle>Patter about not watching close enough or some other funny explanation that gets them trying to burn my hands. Then I do some ACR with card to mouth and finale with the bent card killer.

    If they want more I use my own multi selection reveal, which is really really fun to do and the reactions are amazing.
  14. First of all, when I perform, I will ALWAYS have a set prepared, and depending on your character, it will vary. If I am performing for someone for the first time, I ALWAYS open up with my "6 second trick".. This is a trick that only takes about 10 seconds or less to establish yourself with the spectator(s) to show them that you deserve their respect and that you aren't someone's Uncle Bernie.

    After that, it really depends.. This topic has been brought up many times, and it is obvious that you jus thaven't done the research.
  15. Daniel Madison's lapse is one of my all time faves you can find it in Dangerous-Mystique here or in his book INSIDE. It has two signed cards switch places several times. I also like that it can get two people very involved in one trick and they have a souvenir if you'd like.

    d+M's Angle Zero and Lee Asher's Witness both hit really hard and require little technical skill. Theres not much you can do to get caught out or anything either. That way you can focus on your presentation.
  16. i like to do static by david jade!! as soon you have the gimmick done its always in the deck with me!! its completely invisable wnt interfere with your deck handling and can be preformed anytime any where!!
  17. ...i first do my rourine with a hot shot cut revelation, then a colorchange(erdnase),
    the elevator card trick i saw on aldo colombini's true magic vol.1,then one of any trick that uses a self-working card trick,the a trick on card sandwich effect,then lastly the card to mouth(if you're good at misdirection,you could do card to mouth even if surrounded by spectators). these are my starting five line-up whenever i do close-up magic.
  18. my opener to any trick is the clipshift dejuvu cam con transpo paulwilson cardini change tivo2.0 subway headpeark all over and other trick by dan and dave and of course my ender is card to mouth 2 card monte
  19. i like doing

    Out of sight, out of mind
    two card transpo - i usually start with this
    .44 by DG

    those are basically what i often perform when im out on the streets.
  20. any tricks in Born to perform by Oz Pearman is great for street magic. Ambitious Card Routine is my favorite card trick of all the time.
    I'll usually add pressure, sponge balls, coin...

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