Whats Your Perfect Trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MikeGoyke, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I thought I would just bring this up but what would your perfect trick be?

    For Me I Would Have To Say To Be Able To Vansh With Out Any Cover.
    The Trick Can Be On The Market Or Not, It Can Be Possible Or Impossible Its up To You

    Lets Hear Your Ideas,
  2. A 2 foot high levitation with no wires, hidden supports, gimmicks, set up or anything. The spectator would be able to wave their hands beneath my feet and above my head and all around my body to show that there are no wires or suports.
    That would be amazing.
  3. to be able to turn into an invincible chicken!!!!!!!!!! i mean really whats more exciting?hmmm?hmmm?
    ok ok maybe that was a little too much wut about a 40 foot high levitation no wires strings nothing and then vanish? combining your guys ideas hmm?
    ok im just going to stop typing and post this. *clicks post thread*
  4. ok interesting ideas? anyone else??
  5. the perfect suggestion. TO be able to suggestion ANYTHING by just talking....oh yea i already do that....damn! what's next?
  6. My perfect effect/illusion would be slowing down time to a point, where that if the audience and the magician were to just walk, it would be as if they were running at the speed of light, like Superman or Hiro Nakamura.

  7. My perfect trick would be getting the perfect position in bed...
    Oh wait..

    ha ha WRONG kind of magic.

    My perfect trick would being able to Put any item through solid glass.
    Make an item appear anywhere..
  8. THAT is a good creative response i like it
  9. That's a tough question. Any trick, impossible or not. Well this one is definitely impossible, but I would love to be able to take someone's borrowed bag. A shopping bag, purse, backpack etc... and be able to produce anything they wanted from it. Within reason of course. Though Elephant from Borrowed Backpack WOULD be an awesome trick. :D
  10. My perfect effect.

    It would have to be turning a single taco into an entire Taco Bell. With no gimmicks, no set-up. Anytime. Anywhere. That would be impressive.

    But on a serious note, a levitation with no supports or gimmicks. I love levitations. They make me happy in the pants. Ok not in the pants, but they make me happy.
  11. The perfect trick would be to be able to make any prediction I make come true.
  12. The Perfect Trick

    The perfect trick is to convince your audience that what you do is magic!
  13. Quote

    "Anything within the realm of imaginatio is within the realm of possibility"
  14. 1. The perfect trick is one that tricks someone.

    2. Manipulate probability.

    - harapan. magic!

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