What's your "quickie" trick?

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  1. So, maybe you're in a rush for something and you don't have time to do a full fledged routine like oh...let's say Oil and Water or a multi-phase ACR, instead you need something quick and simple, but something that's still going to make an impact. My question is what is that trick for you?

    Obviously this very much depends on the setting, but overall...My top 3 would be
    1. Chicago Opener
    2. Biddle Trick
    3. Twisting the Aces
  2. I work with A LOT of prop magic. The problem with it is a lot of the best effects (I think) are hard to come without a lot of setup and without a lot of angle issues--and possible inspectability issues.

    1) Tenyo Psychic Money
    2) Tenyo Cubio/Super Cubio
    3) Tenyo Magical Sneakers - Color Test

    Even though these 3 take at least a couple minutes to work in my experience, I am able to convey what my character is about and get full spectator involvement.
  3. If you need something quick and visual, go for the Buck twins.
    Check Subway, TiVo 2.0 (Trilogy disk one) and Portal (andthensome).
  4. - Mr. Clean Coins Across - Jay Sankey
    - Memory Test - David Williamson

    Both can be done with borrowed coins or cards. Short and sweet.
  5. This is me performing an effect (one of a few) I go to when I don't have a lot of time. I ask a spectator to choose a card, (in this case the 10 of Hearts) look at it, place it in the middle of the deck.

    The following video is what happens afterwards.

    It's quick, gets a nice reaction and can also be used on it's own like in the video as a color change.

    || Steven
  6. I really like that. Very nice effect.

    My go to is Jokers wild.
  7. Really smooth! I believe theres somethin similar I do that I learned from murphys magic. But the main effect I do is my variation on card to pocket because you just can't go wrong with it.
  8. As I'm mainly a card guy, I do Card to Mouth, Daniel Madison's Card to Pocket or a simple mind reading effect that uses a force or a peek. I often use Loops to make banknotes, paper tissues, playing cards or even rings move and suspend in air.
  9. I love all spidey tricks. I will often do shredder at a moments notice.
  10. If you have an invisible deck, use it.
  11. I perform my color change "I Love Trains" and the Biddle trick the most often. I'll also do the Messiah vanish with a coin.
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with most ring stuff.
    It's off the cuff, impromptu, and is a little off the beaten path.

    Moves from Circuit, Reflex, the Ring Thing, and some variations on coin sleights can all work together for a quick, visual routine.
  13. Just a visual colour change or a coin and pen routine.
    Sometimes I do Mr Clean Coins Across or using the striking vanish to cause a dollar to get trapped inside a dollar bill.

    Also I may do sick splits (revolutionary coin technique) if I've got a couple of coins...

    ACR is quite good for laymen, but the batch I perform for often goes "oh you just s*****ed the cards" because of the rubbish magic exposure my country's TV programs contains. Also they might have already seen a lot of uncle charlie tricks so they know some basics (although they don't know what a double lift it they know whenever that card is in the middle it is already s*****ed). ACR is now more of a challenge for those kids as to can they figure out when a move is done. Usually I win haha.
  14. The most powerful one:

    Top Change+Pickpocket routine. Or the penny steal (see below)

    Obviously don't do this while strolling. Do this with trustworthy friends.

    Sometimes I lend them a penny, do a fake return, then wait for a second, touch their shoulder, and tell them did they feel my steal. It freaks them out to see if it's somewhere impossible, especially if it's signed. Just that moment where they pat their empty pockets is already enough to make their blood drain from their face haha.
  15. My top three go-to have to be:
    1. Back in Time by Jay Sankey
    2. Finger Ring magic (good example is Divorce by Justin Miller)
    3. A Two Card Transposition effect where the selection changes places with a ripped up indifferent card (I don't know the originator of this particular method, but it's definitely not mine).

    Those three have really been wonderful to me, they always get great responses.
  16. Non-Toxic by Geriant Clarke, everybody has an iPhone.
  17. If they are wearing a watch, One Coin routine and go for the steal. With cards then probably something simple like a color change right into card to mouth.
  18. I always carry some coins in my pocket; a couple of rubber bands; a hot rod; and some form of "Magician's Choice" effect, ready to perform. Also at the ready is Color Monte. Depending on whether I'm trying to get "booked": I can get a good fifteen minutes with a couple rubber bands.
  19. Definitely Card to Mouth.
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  20. ring through finger or coin sleights. If you don't have a lot of time i don't see the point of pulling out a deck of cards.

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