When a cardist gets rid of the beginner title ?

Dec 11, 2013
My question is what is required to do or create or learn to get rid of the beginner title ? I mean.. if I learn solo by MJ and some other fluorishes am I still a beginner ?
Dec 28, 2011
not really, if you for example do this flourishes like super sloppy and such you could be consider a beginner.However if you do them very fluently and in a good motion you can consider an intermediate or more advanced cardistry.Also, that depends on the knowledge that you have on the platform.


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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
You get rid of the "beginner" title when two things occure.
1) You stop calling yourself a beginner
2) People look at your performances and agree.

This ^.

itsurboi99 gave a list of requirements that may work for him, but not necessarily for everyone else. I can do several (smooth) one handed cuts, a few different two handed cuts, and several false shuffles, but I feel that I am far from being able to stop calling myself a beginner. I don't think there is a clear line here, it is a matter of you feeling confident in your skills, and how you are perceived.

// L
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