When Are The S&M Shipping?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by byronblaq, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Just wondering out of curiosity when they will be shipped.
    Figured it would have been Yesterday/Today but i didn't get an email.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Mine shipped yesterday.
  3. Same here!
  4. Really ? ... well mine haven't ... Might hit T11 up with a Support ticket then ...
    Cheers guys

  5. Did you order anything else along with them? For example I know my order is running a bit late because Smoke was out of stock, so something similar might be the reason for your order not being shipped yet.
  6. This could be the problem with your order. All I bought was six S&M's and The Hole Thing download and got an email yesterday saying it was shipped.
  7. i've ordered 4 different times since black friday and the only confirmation email i got about shipping was the Deckones. My black friday package hasnt even arrived yet. Shipping usually only takes 3days to get to my house. Maybe its just the holidays idk
  8. Smoke and Mirrors are in house and shipping as we speak! If you have not yet received a shipping confirmation and believe your order should have shipped out already, double check your spam folder - sometimes our emails get pushed there by accident.

    If you don't see anything and it's been more than 48 hours, submit a quick message to our support team and they will make sure you are well taken care of. Be sure to include all relevant order information (including your Order ID) in your message.
  9. Sounds great!

    I noticed that my two packages are both listed as "Shipped" but I haven't received a shipping confirmation for any of them. I'll wait another day or so and then send a message to the support if nothing's changed until then.
  10. Will theory11 be getting another shipment of them, or are you guys done for now?
  11. Got my confirmation email this morning, I'm doing my best to not run down to the mailbox every 5 minutes hoping they're here...
  12. Just got an email saying mine will be shipped tomorrow.
    Thanks for all the help guys.

  13. I ordered mine last monday together with dresscode and deckone. after almost 2 days of no correspondence, I emailed the support team to find out that mine was backordered because of dresscode and they are HOPING to have it shipped by end of the week. I find this unacceptable. There should be a way to tell from the sight that their supplies are dwindling, if there would have been the slightest chance that my order would've been backordered, I would have just ordered from another site where they can fulfill my requirements on time. This is just unfair. <end rant>

    I sure do hope they rectify this soon enough. This is my 1st order from this site and I hope that it will not be the last.
  14. Hey Ironysmarts,

    Just wanted to clarify. Yes, unfortunately your order was delayed - though it was just delayed a single day. Your order was placed on Monday, yesterday, after what was fortunately and unfortunately the busiest days of sales and support in our 3.5 year history. We sincerely apologize for any delay, as it's unlike our nature and we never like to break promises we make with our members. Unfortunately this was outside of our control, as our shipping division has been working as quickly as humanly possible to make sure all packages leave the building ASAP.

    We received our new supply of 3 previously backordered items on Monday, and will receive our new supply of both Smoke and Dresscode tomorrow morning. Once again, we apologize for this speed bump in your order. We appreciate every single customer, and want to make sure every one of them leaves happy. If you should need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support crew for assistance. We're always here to help!

    ~ Zach
  15. im still wait until i got the notification email...
    i woke every single night to check my email if there's any email show my tracking number about my package...

    "JIA YOU" or "FIGHTING" THEORY11...^^

  16. a week ago i had purchase wit theory11 with 2 order, which both stated on my account said shipped on 11/29/2010.

    However i only receive 1 notification email for 1 order, another order is on 12/6/2010.

    and on 12/3/2010 i order S&M v5 it also stated on my account said shipped on 12/6/2010. but i still haven't receive any notification email.

    is that a bug or a mistake ?
  17. Sentinels were on backorder for a while also.
  18. Yeah still haven't got mine and i only ordered S&M and D1.
    Little concerned considering i was told it would ship today.


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