When Creators Collide. by Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders.

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  1. Wow, I do not want to give this up, this book is awsome.
    About:Okay this is a book of stuff that Sankey and Sanders made, this book is pretty old when sankey was like 20. I got this of amazon so i do not know where else to get it. I do not know if any of this stuff has been in print again.
    Effects:These range from cards, coins ,rubberbands, and even playdough. IM going to list some of my favorite effects.
    Pure Delight Ring Flight:wow is this awsome, no more reels, almost impromptu and goes to a place that makes sense. You place a coin purse in your left hand, and you place your right hand behind your back stating "i will do this effect with one hand". You ask a spectator to put her ring in the empty coin purse in your left hand. With no real moves you move your right hand from behind your back showing their ring on your finger.
    Thought Transmitter: This is cool. You pretty much steal the card out of your spectators mind and into your own, like luke jermays RGM but a little different.
    Impromptu Link: A impromptu linking rubber band effect based on Bill Kalush's Rubber Ringer.
    Those are my favorite effects, but every effect is entertaining to read and I reccoment this book to everyone. And also this is some of sankeys best stuff. Go get this now.

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