When is the Release of the V7's? Do you know?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMagicianInvisible, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    Today I've been thinking of somethings of which I might like to get for xmas (I know its like 4 months away, but I think its good to get ideas). I'd like sony vegas pro 11, some decks, but especially some v7's. All I would like to know is when are they being sold, where and how much? I know that you may not know, but if you like researching these type of things, and you happen to know, I'd be extremely grateful.

    So, please leave a comment below, I always like to read what you have to say, so why not leave a comment.

    And see ya' soon :p
  2. Dan and Dave said 'this fall'. So that could mean late September-December. smoke and Mirrors usually sell out very quickly though. But Dan and Dave always say something big is coming out on their Twitter or Facebook, so keep an eye on those.
  3. Does anyone know if Dan and Dave sell their products wholesale? It seems like they only sell directly from their website these days and don't cater for businesses that want to stock their products.
  4. http://www.dananddave.com/wholesale/
    It's at the bottom right of there homepage under "About"
  5. Very good question

    I asked D&D via their site, their respone: "The rumors are true! Smoke & Mirror v7's will release this fall!"

    So we have that to look forward too, I already have money set aside for a brick lol.

    - E
  6. I'm from England and in the UK, we don't have a season called Fall. What season is Fall?
  7. Autumn, when the leaves turn colors. In the U.S. it starts around September and goes to November.
  8. Ahhh that makes sense, so its called Fall because thats when the leaves fall, thanks
  9. does anyone know how much they will cost?
  10. We do. "Fall" is globally recognised as a verb for Autumn. We can only speculate that they will be the same price as other cards ($6-8).
  11. Ok thanks I will order 6 - 12 when they come out
  12. Yes I know we have a season that is called Fall by the Americans, but what I meant was what season is Fall in like British English
  13. Does anybody know if there will be a v8?
  14. Try to ask Dan & Dave....
  15. err ok, but how?
  16. How do I ask D&D?

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