When will my delivery come?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sudarshan4Life, Jul 3, 2020.

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  1. I have been waiting for a month from like June 5th to now! I never received my order! I contacted the delivery company and they said that the expected delivery date is 23rd of June and I can call them after 10 days. After calling them, they said contact the merchant or the seller. I keep contacting theory11 with the number 800 511 9484. Nobody picks up the phone, I don't even know if the number even works, As I tried to keep calling them day and night but it never works. All I need help is to know what number to call Theory11 support as the delivery is taking forever in DHL ecommerce. I would also like to ask a question if theory11 CAN cancel deliveries and change them into an express form so that it can come quicker and I don't have to waste money? If refunds are available, I would not like to choose that option as it took me so long doing so many things to find my package and they are going to refund the money. Please answer my questions and sorry for typing this too big.

  2. @Sudarshan4Life - Your best bet is to use Theory 11's "Contact Us" function here: https://www.theory11.com/support/contact-us

    Just know that with COVID-19, international shipping times take a lot longer and are unpredictable. I ordered something at the beginning of June from Ireland and it was sent in two packages. The first arrived June 9th. The second has yet to arrive.

    Unfortunately, there probably isn't a lot that Theory 11 can do once they ship the package. It really is in the hands of DHL or whatever shipping company is being used. Your best bet is to use the Contact Us function to see what T11 can do to help.

    Also, I've removed the poll as it really isn't necessary or helpful.
  3. What contact number should I use instead of 8005119484? DHL told me to contact my sender but I can't as nobody is answering the number I keep dialing everyday
  4. By the way, I keep contacting T11 through email, but it has been 2 days and they still did not look into it
  5. Hey Sudarshan, our support team is checking into this for you and will circle back via email today! Please allow up to 12 business hours (Monday to Friday) for our team to respond, as it looks like your most recent message was late last night (at 9:19pm ET, after business hours). Rest assured that our team is on this, and we'll be in touch directly today!
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