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  1. you should really be looking at the effect. When you see a video do you choose off the effect and the video production, such as editing, or just the effect?

    I do not have a video editing program and if the majority of the votes are because of production and effect then I am not cut out for battles yet.
  2. The thing is alot of people here dont want to judge on the effect because everyone can do it.
    The mechanics of the trick are no big shakes,what should really truly be up for judgement should be you as a performer.
  3. Altought it also matters on the capabilities of the performer, for example you guys know that I love to use patter in my routines, but my englihs(speaking that is) pretty much sucks, and I find it hard to print my character and my way of being to a lenguage that I have not practiced enough.

    So a lot of times, my battles involve music and a routine(altought I at least try to have the mechanics down and to make it enterteining for the viewer).
  4. When it comes to battles, the people judging it should look at three things; presintation, reactions, and flashes. (Note: battles should ALWAYS be done for a live random audience. Now thats just my opinion, but Im pretty sure alot of people would agree with me.) Now the third one is definitly not as important as the other two but is still important. My friend flashes quite a bit when he performs, but relys on misderiction to cover for it. Now, that does work, but that only works when you busk and do 1-3 tricks before moving on to another target. But after a while the md starts to slowly lose its effect. So, really, we shouldnt judge based on how much they flash, but how well they cover it up, (however that may be).
  5. Thanks,
    I think that it should be filmed with a live audience as well but I have no camera man and the person that I film for is pretty much an (insert bad word here) and deletes my stuff off his camera. He's a good friend but when it comes to magic and me filming him he pretty much takes advantage of it. Sorry, Ryan but its true. Anyways, thanks for the feedback
  6. It's why I stopped getting into battles a long time ago. People just vote for the effect they can't do, whichever has the more and harder sleights, it's a joke.
  7. Hmm that's funny because I still had all the videos I shot of you on my camera for months until I deleted the whole memory yours and mine. As for when we peformed at the lake you flashed when the wind blew the card away in the spectators hand. I'm not here to fight just letting you know that I don't delete your videos for months if you want them online just tell me.

    As for the real post I have not used video production in almost any of them and I still got the votes be original and act like your performing for magicians and not laymen.
  8. Oh i want talking about ur video post. I was just asking about the video production in general. As for the rest of the post I dont know what I was talking about.

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