Where are the theory11 Trilogy Contest winners' videos?

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  1. Hi,

    Looking for wornsilver's winning entry to the trilogy theory 11 video contest. I tried the media forum (and the contest section, obviously) and found that the winners were removed - the virts "style" video also.

    where are these vids? I'm trying to show monkey the best sanada fan I've ever seen and I'm pretty sure it was on wornsilver's vid. thanks
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    Have no fear... I found two of the three winning videos of the Trilogy Contest in the Media section -- Style by the Virts and Sunset Fortress by Chris Hestnes and Allan Hagen, both of which are excellent.

    Unfortunately, however, I could not find the third one, for which you are looking. I'm sure it's there somewhere -- if there only were a search feature...

  3. there is a search feature but it sucks, doesn't work right. I think when theory 11 bought decknique's media page they inherited the crappy search feature, I've never been able to use decknique's to find anything gotta click through like 20 pages lol. thanks for trying though, 2/3 aint bad. of course it's the ONE video I need that isn't there, that's life :)
  4. What is the Trilogy Contest?
  5. The worn silver video got deleted. Style by the virts is in the theory11 video section.
  6. While the Trilogy Video Contest is over, you can check out information about the contest here. There is also a video category in the Media Section associated with the contest, which features some very slick videos that are worth checking out.

  7. Wha? why did it get deleted? this video was awesome, with the rollout productions, etc. was there a thread about this or how do you know ? thanks copperfield
  8. If I remember correctly, the person who made the video requested it be removed because one of his friends, who came up with the handling of at least one of the moves, didn't want it to be revealed on video yet.
  9. Yeah, the search system, ugh, it's pretty annoying at times....
  10. thanks rich! I thought I was going crazy for a minute :p

    kind of like when I saw a new "centurions" video in the media system by that zachmonkey kid... and then it disappeared 5 seconds later... I was like wha HUH?

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