Where can I buy theory11 cards in Dallas, TX?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrdt56, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know where I can but T11 cards (e.g. Centurions, Guardians) in Dallas, TX (i.e. are there any T11 retailers in Dallas)?
  2. Not in the shops Ive seen so far. In the few around here, just ask the store if they can put an order in for them. Ive seen e decks before so it shouldnt be a problem.
  3. Most brick and mortar shops will place an order for you.

    Shane Black is from Texas...he may know if you shoot him a PM.

    Or....just buy them here and pay the shipping if you have no other options.
  4. Thanks. I was trying to avoid having to be patient : )
    Was hoping I could walk into a store somewhere and just pick some up.

    While I'm at it, anyone know where I can get Tally Ho's in Dallas?
  5. Brick and mortar shop? What's that?

    And I read somewhere on the t11 forums of somebody buying a pack of guardians from their local books-a-million, if you have those in dallas, tx, I'd try going to one of those (after calling them, of course). As for tally-ho's, if you've got a local magic shop around, they probably have them.
  6. ;)
    I'll be back in Dallas next weekend I have a brick I can sell you if you want, I'll save you on the shipping just let me know.


  7. You can go to Forth Worth Magic etc., I am not certain if they carry theory 11 cards. I have seen plenty of custom cards there though.

  8. I actually sell mine to Magic Etc, come straight to the source and save alot of money trust me.

  9. Definitely check out your local Wal-Mart and/or Books-A-Million. Our playing cards have been spotted at both locations. Hope this helps!
  10. Thanks Shane. May contact you to set-up grabbing a brick else will go to Magic Etc. Did find Guardians and some e decks at a shop in McKinney as well. But want Centirions so may be headed out to Ft. Worth.
  11. Yep, saw Guardians at Books a Million. Will check Wal Mart. Still not able to find Centurions out and about.
  12. I only have a couple White Centurions (New) and a brick of Black Centurions left but if you need more Magic Etc. has about a brick left I believe and I barely get out to Mckinney area so I'm not quite sure there. With the amount in gas you'll be paying you might be saving money ordering them directly from T11 just PM if you wanna talk.


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