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  1. Hello everyone! Chris Ramsay does this trick at 0:51-01:23, and I was wondering what this trick is called and where I can learn it?
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    Could be wrong but I think I’m right. Check out Advocate by Daniel Madison. Think that’s what it is, (edited for exposure).
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  3. Thank you!
  4. Yeah, it definitely is. A very nice and different approach to advocate.
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  5. S
    Someone tell me why the download is more expensive than the DVD on Ellusionist? Lol
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  6. From what I understand, they are trying to get rid of the physical copies of the DVDs as people are more inclined to just by the download

    At least, this is what someone told me in an email once (I think)

    But it's the same product regardless
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  7. That "someone" would be me. You're more or less correct. We're trying to reduce how many physical things we have in our warehouse, so we slashed the prices on many DVDs. Once those are gone, they will not be printed any more, but we'll keep the downloads.
  8. Great info @ChristopherT ...

    I always wondered about that.

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  9. Ugh

    Unfortunately I’m just not gonna buy a DVD :(

    But it’s a great looking effect nonetheless
  10. Buy a subscription to Magic Stream(which includes the Advocate) instead, for only $99.95 a year.
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  11. I have a dozen DVD'S ... laptops don't even have DVD drives anymore. I'm always borrowing my son's laptop. lol
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  12. My laptop sucks big time w DVDs and we don’t have a player...

    Plus the instant gratification of a download
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  13. That was just a regular card index. Not Advocate necessarily
  14. Since Ramsay is friends with Madison and has used his other effects, I think it’s safe to say that it was probably Advocate.
    Btw, I only know of this pocket index, what other ones do you know of?
  15. I think there is one in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, not sure though
  16. Will check it out. Thanks.
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  17. Got it! Very happy with my purchase! Rented it on Magic Stream for under $3.00 (USD). Thank you guys for helping me find this!
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