Where can I find this?

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  1. At 9:17 and in some other parts of this video, there is a Coins Across routine where it goes through the person's hand and then travels on top of their hand in the next phase. Does anybody know what this is called or where I can find it?
  2. Good question, I want to say it is on Cultural Exchange by Appollo and Shoot.
  3. It's also at 2:13 of the video, if that helps.
  4. I don't think anyone teaches it, it's just standard sleight of hand with coins.

    as always check out bobo's
  5. The load isn't taught in Bobo's :( It does look like he has routinined it as part of his muscle pass routine, not a coins across
  6. And here i thought bobo covered everything. Even still I don't really think that it's a move that needs to be 'learned', I just saw it on a video somewhere, tried it out on my little brother, and it's been a part of my one coin routine since.
    I find that the basics of sleight of hand with coins pretty much gets you where you need to go, it's very unusual for me to find a coin move that can't be substituted for a french drop or shuttle pass.
  7. True, I still would like to give the artist credit and support
  8. I really like this slight unfortunately i don't know the history about it or where you can learn it but i tried it my self and it kinda worked it's not that complicated.

    NOTE: It gives amazing reactions.
  9. Does anybody have any tips on misdirection and subtleties when it comes to coin magic like this, where you don't want the person you're performing for to see where the coin's not supposed to be? (like for instance palmed in your other hand or on top of their hand?)
  10. Apollo Robbins is the king of this type of magic that's why I bring up his work. Metal Volume 2 by Eric Jones bring up a few body loads, ditches and hold outs in at least 2 routines.

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