Where can i get cardistry trainers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CruiseH, May 25, 2015.

  1. i have seen plastic ones on instagram and i am aware Dan and Dave sell brass ones.
  2. Dan and Dave's cardistry trainers are brilliant yet quite expensive, so if you sure you will use them, get them. However if not get some plastic ones.
  3. portalscreations.com
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  4. Just get a deck of cards. Thats all the cardistry trainer you need.
  5. I fully echo Duncan. The only trainer you need is a real deck of cards because at the end of the day it's what you are going to be using for Cardistry anyway. You will also save tons of money by just buying a single deck instead. In my opinion the deck trainers don't really do that good of a job at "training" you, it just gives you a placebo effect thinking you will be better at Cardistry after practicing with them.
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  6. I've never heard of 'cardistry trainers' until this thread. They seem to be a bit obscure and narrow in use. The time you spend with the 'trainers is time taken away from actual practice.

    Plus, when you're done learning from the cardistry trainers, the only use they have are expensive drink coasters.
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  7. I tend to agree with the others on this thread about the cardistry trainers.

    John Wilson reviewed a training deck like we are discussing in MAGIC Magazine Vol. (24 No.10 (June 2015)) and this is a snippet of what he said on the subject of cardistry trainers:

    "One of the hardest aspects of complicated multi-packet cuts is in learning the correct amount of pressure required to maintain a packet without cards loosening along the way; The feeling is lost when practicing with plastic packets,"

    He said more on the subject and I don't wanna put the whole review up, but I tend to agree with this line of thinking.
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  8. well i had ordered them shortly after the second reply to this thread and came today - so, i will post some sort of review or something
  9. I may be crazy here, but wouldn't a $3 deck and a glue stick be enough to make a trainer deck in under 10 minutes?
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  10. You could also wrap scotch tape around a couple packets and work from there.

    I don't think it'll last too long, but it'll last long enough to give you an idea of finger placement and familiarity
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  11. I think it really all comes down to preference. I personally find that they help a lot for me when I have the general idea for a flourish but i need to work on the executions and how smooth it looks.
  12. Just had a great idea. Take some thin fishing line and thread it through the packets to make the sizes you want. The cads will still have some give and leeway to give you the feel like they are separate but will stay together when dropped.

    Better yet, how much are those cardistry trainers? Send me the money and I will glue or sew a deck together for you and mail it out! ;)
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  13. All right, it's been a bit. How are the cardistry trainers working out?
  14. I was not going to buy trainers because of the advice given above...but....I wanted to be able to practice occasionally in my cubicle at work. My bosses are pretty easy-going, but if they saw a stack of playing cards on my desk, they might think I'm playing cards games on company time or something. A stack of plastic "hand exercisers" would look better.
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