where can i learn an effect where it looks like your stopping your heart

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  1. i know control by wayne houchin but im not sure if that one works convincingly on me
  2. Not entirely sure if this is what you wanted, but my favorite mentalist Morgan Strebbler has a method called D.O.A. It's currently on sale. You might want to do some research and look at some reviews before purchase because some Sansminds tricks can be some of the worst purchases you'll ever make.
  3. There are ways given in the Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic by Tom Ogden.

    Regardless, if you really want to seemingly stop your heartbeat by stopping your pulse, here's some free advice:-

    The pulse is just the expansion and elastic recoil of the wall of the radial artery in tune with the blood spurting (during ventricular systole) through it due to the contraction of the ventricle. If you want to stop your pulse, you cannot, of course, stop your ventricle from contacting, but you PREVENT the radial artery from it's momentary 'throb' due to the blood flowing in it, you'll be able to stop your pulse for several minutes on end.

    PS:- I used to think that it had become a public domain method but seeing how nobody's sharing the exact method of doing it, I think it's NOT as public I thought... However, basic Biology should help you work out how to achieve what I said.


    (Think why your hand goes cold on wearing a tight wristband)
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  4. This depends on "how" you want to do it there are the traditional methods, though a bit controversial now as far as "safety" goes

    Jerome Finley has worked on it and also stopping the pulse of an audience

    Wayne Houchin which is one of the better ones in a more impromptu situation

    there are ways to lower your heart rate/pulse through breathing techniques
  5. I have. As is often the case with his publications, it's decent but seems like something that was put together to make some money. Nothing ground breaking.
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  6. agreed, especially since they are just basically showing other peoples methods
  7. I mean, this effect is old as the hills. There hasn't been that much "innovation" in a couple hundred years.

    I used to use an impromptu variation of the 'classic' method myself. Luke Jermay has some subtleties that are useful (Derren Brown uses his method in ... Evening of Wonder? I think. Just before glass walking) and I came up with a nice little subtlety that has served me well.
  8. Morgan Strebler had D.O.A

    but again nothing "original"


    I am sure it can be traced further back than that
  9. I would be utterly unsurprised to find out it was used by Shamans since before we started writing down our history.
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  10. Sorry, I’m quite ignorant, can someone explain me what’s the human blockhead?
  11. when you hammer an object into your nose
  12. Sorry, wrong thread

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