Where can I learn the sleights in this video?

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  1. Link:

    Especially the one at 8:35.

  2. 1:18 - Turnover pass. You can learn this in lots of places
    2:38 - Panoramic shift. Xavier Spade teaches this on YouTube
    3:43 - Spread pass
    5:00 - Diagonal Palm Shift
    7:20 - DPS again
    7:35 - Be Kind Change. Tony Chang has a download on this on theory11
    8:25 - Alex Pandrea’s Fan control. this is on his YouTube channel
    9:49 - Backpalm Change
    10:09 - Manhattan Change. Orbit has a download on this
    11:00 - Nic Suriano’s Change. He doesn’t have a name for it, but he taught it on Alex Pandrea’s YouTube channel.
    11:10 - Tenkai palm vanish

    As for the other moves, I don’t know their names!
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  3. Thanks a lot boychestermagic.
  4. 4:10 is Venus Trap by Chris Brown. You can buy the download.

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