Where did you get those cards?

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  1. So you're performing with a custom deck of cards, whether from T11, E, etc. and everything is going well. For example, I use Split Spades quite often. A person in the crowd assumes they are trick cards, oh well isn't the first time it has happened. I can handle that. But what hits me is when one asks "Where did you get those playing cards?"

    What are some of your responses? Thanks.
  2. I used to use Shadow Masters and everyone would always think they were trick cards, and whenever someone asked me where I got them I would always just say "Online". They never asked specifically "Where online?" so that was never a problem.
  3. "Where did you get those cards?"

    "At a...shop...?"

    Just let them handle the cards, check them out for themselves before the effect starts (in the course of a harmless shuffle).

  4. Before I share the solution, realize you can avoid this problem.

    YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOUR AUDIENCE – you hear them, but you aren’t listening.

    They feel it is a trick deck...so that is THERE reality, YOUR own (selfish) reality is – I know they aren’t trick cards and I like them, so I will continue to use them. If you want people to see your magic without added barriers, use a deck they know and trust.

    If you refuse to use cards that people recognize, you have given your audience a continuous out to explain ALL your magic in their mind – you might as well gimmick your cards to the HILT then just lie about it.

    I only PERFORM with Bike’s – but I won’t lie – when I am just hanging around the mall, home, office – I use other cards, so I don’t waste Bikes for performance. I have been asked by friends and co-workers, just like you have, what the deal is with my cards. My response is truthful.


    I say, “I can perform the same amazing feats with any cards, actually, trick cards are very expensive and are usually designed to help hobbyist do magic without much effort or knowledge. It separates those that are serious about the art and those that just think it is neat”.


    “The reason these ones look different is that magicians love cards. Not long ago, cards were available in red and blue, for the most part. People realized there is a market, and decided to cash in on making different back designs. This deck was made by a company that also educates on magic (or whatever) and this deck was made by an Artist for David Blaine (explaining it is Blaine’s custom deck)” – I will use this to introduce an effect if they want to see one.

    Lastly, once someone thinks the cards are trick cards – the only solution is to offer the deck as a gift. Some might refuse it, but after saying trick cards are expensive – offering to just give them away, puts them at ease. Don’t OFFER THEM TO EXAMINE – this means nothing to someone that doesn’t know what to look for!

    The truth will set you free for the most part – for me the truth is – I collect cards, I love cards, I go through 200-300 packs a year. I buy them in bulk...and I get bored of seeing the same design in my hand. It would be like wearing the same shirt daily...it gets dirty, and I get sick of the colour/pattern.

    HOWEVER – if you are wearing an unrecognized uniform – maybe prison issue...don’t be surprised if people think you are a crook – same thing with cards. Different design to them means – trick cards – marked backs – etc.

    Actually, in a thread on this subject I told the story of a time I was in University, and my friends didn’t want to use Tally Ho’s for a poker game, because in Canada...they are not familiar, the only other deck I had on me was a MARKED Bike deck – and they insisted on using it...I tried to talk them out of it, because I knew but couldn’t say...also, I didn’t want to ruin them...but needless to say, I got my money back for them, and some.

    REMOVE UNNECCARY BARRIERS – but have fun with your cards on the side.
  5. Beautiful. Thanks T11 forum gurus.
  6. I'd just hand them out and have them take a look, agree that it's a trick deck, but it only works when it recognizes my DNA. Then admit I was just pulling their leg, it's a normal deck. Done with a friendly humorous tone of course. Where to get them? Try ebay, you can get pretty much anything on that site!
  7. ROFLMFAO!!! Seriously? That must have been awesome. Most of the time when I play cards people always check the cards for marks, and don't let me shuffle (When you get three of a kind three times in a row people get suspicious).... How much did you win?
  8. Or you could say "I get them custom made for me. Online ".
    Usually people ask because I see alot of magicians never letting the damn cards go or paying too much attention to them. Make the cards seem incidental not the highlight of the show.
  9. I always answer Walgreens, because I almost always do a trick I created that involves Walgreens afterwards.

    Plus, their card stock is ALWAYS changing, so you are safe from people going in and not seeing the cards.
  10. You could always tell them that you got at a shop. For me, I only use Bicycles Deck for magic.
  11. I'm with Morgician. I first determine what they are really asking and why.

    I've considered getting a cheap trick deck at the dollar store just so I could show people the difference. Still on the fence about that.

    Really, though I've been asked if its a trick deck with regular bikes. I think it just comes with the territory. Its a little bittersweet because on the one hand you've worked so hard to obtain these skills and they want to just label you as a 'regular' guy who just bought a trick deck somewhere. On the other hand, it feels good to think that your sleights or so good that the ONLY logical conclusion they can come to is that the deck is rigged.
  12. Honestly I say Wal-Mart. It works for me.
  13. Yeah, Morgs right. When you create such an easy out for your audience to dismiss your entire performace then the magic of the moment has been lost on them. The reason why cards were ever used in magic to begin with was because they were common. People knew them, they trusted them, they saw them everyday.

    By introducing a foregin element into your act by using a custom deck then you openly invite your audience to suspect the cards, not you. All of a sudden all those hours you spent busting your knuckles to learn Dan and Dave's moves and all your cardistry just got pissed down the toilet. It's not skill any longer. It's a gimicked deck.
  14. What's wrong with a gimmicked deck? I know a lot of people who made their living doing things with nothing but stacked decks or marked decks. I really don't see what the big deal is if somebody wants to see the cards. Their freaking cards, let the person do what they want with them. Personally tho I just borrow whatever deck they have on hand. I have also found that not everybody has a bike deck. Most people have 90 year old cards they got from a thrift shop in Vegas or ones that have some weird design on it. Simply because to them, they are just playing cards to bust out when they want to play poker.
  15. I only use Bikes,studs, and bees in performance. One time I use my Guardians and people were asking where I got the deck and think it was a trick deck. I told them I bought them at Walmart because they do have them there.

    I don't like using my cents and props beause I don't want them to wear out.:p
  16. It was intesting - I usually supplied the deck, but wanted to save my Bike's so I brought Tallys with me - I happen to have been working with a new marking system, and only had the one marked Bike deck. The Tally's were sealed, but the Bike's were not - on a side note, I use this story to illustrate how people think about "trick" cards and new decks - I was with a friend that new the deck was marked, but not how, and we usually played "together" at poker tables. At this house game, I showed up - dropped the deck on the table - they all started to object because of the look. I said, "Guys, these are great cards from the US, good quality, etc" - finally, another guy said, you must have another deck on you, looked into my bag and said, "how about these" - pulling out the Bikes. As an honest guy, I tried to object, but how could I without saying "trick decks exist in Bike format" - so I just said, "fine".

    Now, I usually had good poker nights with this group - but needless to say, I walked out with a few hundred and split with my partner...I figured, if I am going to use a magic principle, I might as well get paid like a magician, haha.

    Anyhow - I really don't cheat...and still don't consider it cheating when the players themselves vote to use a marked deck over the legit one?!
  17. This is true - however, the difference? When you get asked with Bikes in hand, and you say - no, I do the magic, or whatever versus having a deck of "novelty cards", people are more likely to believe you with the Bikes, and are only saying that as a "how is that possible" or "how did you do that" type of comment - versus - your deck looks strange to me, and that has to be it.

    Truthfully, I think we had a poll on this - but I find I get asked FAR more with different looking cards, EVEN when I am NOT doing magic - and here and there with Bikes, but never when they are just in hand.

    People will look for outs - but what about those that just ASSUME? So you never get a chance to defend? So, if people don't ask me while just holding them, I can assume no subliminal objections occur - yet, people ask when they just see them, with no magic envolved - so the objection exists. I would rather NOT have this as an issue.

    Also - I get Bikes for like 2 bucks a deck Canadian $ - how much are you paying per deck for your novelty decks? Hell...I love em, I do...but they are for me. Go with what they know when you do magic.
  18. If you really want to look like you can do real magic. Then make use with they got. Who cares if the deck is super old. Just do a keycard effect or something in those lines. Once people see that you can do it with their stuff, they SHOULD realize that it's not the deck.
  19. Nothing at all - dude, I use ID and Svengali - when used properly, they kill - but I wouldn't tip this to my audience...remember, we lie to them for a living? What should I say, yeah, I use trick decks, but this isn't one of them? Come on.

    There isn't a big deal in letting people look at them. However, why do magicians feel the need to let audiences examine regualar objects? This would indicate that there are irregular objects of that make.

    Magician: "Examine this coin"
    Audience: "For what"?
    Magician: "To make sure it is normal/regular"
    Audience: "Why wouldn't it be"?
    Magician: "Umm, yeah, well...instead, examine this "ordinary" deck"

    AND SO ON...

    If people ask to look at them, fine...but realize, I have handed marked decks to magicians that have been looking for marks and missed them...so what makes the audience more likely to find or not find something. I always say to my audiences...if a magician lets you examine something, there is nothing to find. Most people don't want to examine the pre-condition. WHICH IS GOOD - because what happens when you CAN'T let them examine this condition because of an indifferent top card, stack, set up, etc??? Sure - give your audience control and more mental barriers. It is your performance, I will stick with my proven approach.

    Hmm, well, working professionally doesn't allows allow for this...as most people don't come to events with cards on them - but, if you are at your friends house and his mommy asks to see a trick...sure, the family cards with a rubber band around it makes it unnecessary to examine them.

    Darwin has an interesting explanation not to be stuck with a 90 year old deck...he says, just as you wouldn't expect a world class MUSICIAN to play on your guitar, because he is used to and gets better sound from his, that they hope you understand that he brings his own - because he has worked it in, and it is his. The quality of his cards, are much better than theirs...and he points it out - just as world class musician probably invests in his instrument, so does he.

    Regardless...good luck doing anything but key card work with your borrowed deck - god Randy - one day we will meet. Oddly, I look forward to that day.
  20. I look forward to that day as well. because it will be rather boring. I'm mentalist not a magician, so I personally find Card magic to be rather impersonal and filler. Compared to Billet Work and other forms of Mentalistism.

    And actually Darwin Ortiz used to have the people he was performing for supply him with the cards.

    The point is that it shouldn't bother you if they want to see your cards or coins or sponges or whatever.

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