Where did you learn your magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmagic25, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. I feel this is a question that i am faced with on a daily basis. I dont know whether to give them the truth by saying books and dvds, say lots of practice, or somethinng else. Any ideas? what would you say in the situation
  2. i always say tons of practice
  3. Usually I say that I learned it from another magician. If it's an original trick (even though there aren't many) I'll say I made it myself. But I mostly tell them I learned from another magician and it's true. :)
  4. good question, but if you're a beginner, don't say youtube :p haha

    yeah i say practice and stuff
  5. or you can be lame and say "i didn't learn it, it's real magic" :)
  6. I've learned it from books, many of which were published in the 1940s and earlier. The books are the type of book that you can't buy in a regular book store. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months or years to learn the magic.
  7. If another magician asks me where I learn most of my magic I would tell them it is a wide variety of resources. Books, Dvds, my local club, lecture notes, jam sessions with other magicians and mostly me mentor who I pay for lessons hourly.

    I really never have laymen asks "where" I learned something but they will normally ask, "How long does it take to be able to do that?" or "Do you practice a lot?" Things of this nature.
  8. "I know a guy."
    That's what I say.

  9. I guess it depends on which direction you want to lead them.
    Do you want them to know the "truth"?
    Or are you trying to come up with a good "smoke and mirror" story?
  10. I always respond by saying "From Books" ...
  11. I say that i learned from my local magic store, Browser's Den. Could never hurt to throw some business their way.
  12. Make up a story involving Wizards, you saving a planet, a wardrobe, a ring of power, SHODAN, being misplaced in a handbag, gaining superpowers from being an alien, and a blender. No matter who they are theyll get a kick outta it :)
  13. I say that I learn just by spending hours sitting in the corner playing with a deck of cards, a few coins, and some other handy objects. Seeing as I've never actually bought anything on magic besides the expert at the card table for three bucks at a local bookstore. Most of my stuff is my own or from the few books that my friends and family have given me over the past few years. Though, I have bought bricks of bicycles at costco and the occasional stud from walgreens, lol.

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