Where do you get these cups?

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  1. I recently watched this video.


    Which was absolutely amazing. So i'm planning on buying his Here I Go Again! Vol 1 DVD. But my guess is that they aren't gonna include the cups.

    So does anyone know where i can get those small plastic cups? I know they're in magic kits but i don't wanna spend $40 just for the cups and balls. So if you know where i can get them please let me know.

  2. They really are just 3 stackable cups... so any cups will do. Adams sells them for about 3-7 bucks depending on where you get them. If you want nice copper cups, try Morrisey... or you can shoot for the moon later for some from rings n' things 2 (that could set you back over $150 tho... suggested for serious pros only). At the end of the day, they are just three cups and some little balls. You could probably find suitable practice cups at the dollar store. :)
  3. Go to a party store. There will be a "party favor" section with super cheap magic kits in a blister pack. You can find them there.

    Brad Henderson
  4. You could actually save the money and just use whatever plastic stacking cups you have and pick up the little balls at Micheal's or any craft store.
  5. The nice thing about the "magic cups" is their recessed bottoms. This helps prevent the balls from toppling off. Also, the magic cups should be designed so there is the right about of space between the cups when stacked.

    Something are not as simple as they may appear.

    Brad HEnderson
  6. Perhaps... but I saw Penn and Teller do a great cups and balls routine with plastic dixie cups. And I have seen horrible routines by no namers that use some ridiculously expensive brass cup set. I would lean more on the side of the talent than the complexity of a cup.
  7. And who here has suggested for a moment that talent won't overcome any limitations in their props? I am sure Serena Williams could kick my ass with a piece of driftwood and a butterfly net, but she doesn't show up at Wimbledon with the cheapest racket she can find.

    I can also guarantee to you that Penn and Teller did not just grab the first set of plastic cups off the grocery store shelf. Knowing their incredible attention to details, I would wager dollars to donuts that those cups were made for them to their EXACT specifications - or at least uncovered after relentless research and testing. (Saw the show two weeks ago - and those weren't your grandmother's dixie cups).

    The intelligent artist uses the best tools he or she can in order to accomplish the job as effectively as possible. Of course tools will never overcome ineptitude - but to assume that all tools do the same thing in the same way is simply naive.

    Brad Henderson
  8. As the old saying goes. Work with what you got. If you are just practicing and learning at home. Then it's perfectly normal and fine to buy the cheap stuff at the party or whatever stores. Heck, you could probably do the same when you perform for people.

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