Where to buy good manipulation cards

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  1. I've been getting into a lot of card manipulation lately and wanted to buy some manipulation cards. I found some on amazon for around 19 dollars but wanted to know if there were any better places to buy them since theory 11 doesn't sell them anymore. Thank you!
  2. Tough question. I haven't found any in poker size that I've been happy with, I just use Bees. If you find something, let us know! I posted this same question a couple of years ago and did not find anyone with a recommendation for manipulation cards.
  3. Will do. I might end up getting the ones on amazon if no one ends up having anything and I’ll make sure to tell you how those go if I get them.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "manipulation cards". Would you mind explaining for the terminally ignorant (a.k.a. me) among us?
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  5. lol.... "Terminally ignorant" never came across that one.... Sounds pretty awful.:D
  6. Hahah. Their pretty much thin cards that usually have a skin color back design so if you’re doing card manipulation moves that require a little bit of exposure then it’s not as flashy. That’s what I got from it at least haha. I don’t actually have any so I can’t say for certain. But yeah, thinner for moves with packets that are hard and a color that won’t make the cards stand out as much.
  7. Penguin Magic appears to carry the same brand of manipulation cards. They are cheaper than Amazon too
  8. Thanks for the info. Never came across that term before, thank you for making me a little less ignorant :D
  9. You can easily find the Phoenix full tilt back and the Phoenix double decker
  10. I'll check those out for sure and see how they do, thanks!
    Ahhh, I was wondering what those cards were when i saw some other magicians use them. Is there a difference between full tilt and phoenix back though? i seem to find more of the latter.
  11. The full tilt cards have the tilt coloured of the same color of the back. They say it helps hyding the cards while palming, I’m not really convinced about it. Of course this is my opinion
  12. Ok thanks!
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  13. Do you basically mean cardistry or am I too suffering from a terminal case of ignorance?
  14. Manipulation in that case means producing card (like back palm)
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  15. Think Jeff McBride not the Buck Twins.

    Essentially if you imagine splitting the face and back off a card, and then gluing those two pieces of paper together, that's a manipulation card. Very thin and flexible to allow a ton of cards to be palmed or back palmed more easily. This allows for things like producing multiple split fans in a row and other such classic manipulation routines.

    In theory you can turn a 'normal' deck of cards into manipulation cards by running each card over the edge of a desk or such several times, and then putting the lot into a card vice and clamping it down super hard. I don't know if that's actually effective, though.
  16. Sounds good, but how do you split the cards? Sorry, I’ve just never done it before haha
  17. Blake Vogt has a series on splitting various things. As far as I know it's one of the best resources out there.
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  18. Ah.
    I get it now.
    So if I think of Yu Ho Jin, I assume I'm correct (?)

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