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  1. I am searching for opaque handkerchiefs (shiny ones, preferably) for a cheaper cost. Most silks on the market are see through and expensive as heck. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Your best bet would be either a Men's formal apparel store (such as Men's Warehouse) and check out their pocket squares and handkerchiefs if you want a probably, what, an 8-12 momme silk? Or scouring the internet, most I could think of or pull up I know are on the rather sheer side. I also found this digging around on amazon. It's not outrageous but it looks like it might not be what you want to work with.
  3. Check out places that sell Tuxedos. Also look at cloth dinner napkins depending what you are using it for. Also, check out fabricmanipulation.com. Lynetta’s plain handkerchief squares are very nice.
  4. I'd start the search at Fabric Stores. Everything you need should be there and very cheap.
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  5. Do you have any Pat Catans or JoAnn Fabric Stores around? Anything like this, or Fabric stores as CWhite mentioned will have more than what you'll need. They just wont have the edge stitched yet. Plenty of colors and styles to choose from.

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