Where to buy?

Feb 2, 2008
i am looking for a brick of one color only.
thanks for introducing kardwell, but its a half red half blue brick
May 9, 2008
Batteries and Butter Tallys $35 after shipping

Ok, people, I have some information about batteriesandbutter.com. I purchased a brick of Tallys, and here is my experience as follows.

You can only get a brick of Tallys for $18.50 if you purchase at least 12 Bricks. Otherwise it's $20 per brick. Then there is a $5 HANDLING charge. Then there is a $10-$11 SHIPPING charge. I thought that shipping and handling combined was just $5 bucks, but I was wrong. They charge you seperately for shipping (around $10) when it actually ships. Doh!

It's not a horrible deal, it's still under $3 a pack, but it's not as good of a deal as we all thought at around $2 a pack, so please don't recommend sites and give prices unless you actually purchased from them. Thank you!
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