Where To Find Silk Magic?

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  1. Hey guys I Was wondering what a good source is for silk magic. Do you guys have any ideas. I think that silks have the ability to be amazing but I was looking for something good to teach me the sleights ect of silk magic.

    Any ideas?

  2. I would look up Jay Scott Berry. He has got some great stuff out about silk magic.
  3. Honestly you want silk magic, i just saw Pavel's lecture, that guy is smart, also i saw a silk routine with a thumb tip and an appearing cane, super easy but SOOOO entertaining, look up a guy named Chris Capehart, or capeheart, i think its the first one though, learn his simple routine, make it as entertaining as him, and you'll make 1500 a week on the street, guaranteed... he has lecture notes that state that lol and i believe it with every ounce of my soul, hope he reads this, cuse this is my super props to you!
  4. Karl Fulves - Self Working Handkerchief Magic
    Jean Hugard - Hugard's Magic Manual
  5. What do you mean "honestly you want silk magic" is this a way of saying that it is bad?
  6. I thought that Karl Fulves self working handkerchief magic was very simple like too simple. You know?

    BTW thanks for your help guys.
  7. The effects in Fulves book go from the basic to more advanced. It pretty much covers anything you want to do with silks: appearances, penetrations, vanishes as well as the classic silk routines Psychic Silks, Twenteth Century Silks and Cut and Restored silks. It also has sections on productions from silks, card tricks with silks and animation of silks. There are a lot of effects using other objects such as ropes, rings, pens, glasses, silverware, coins and wands.

    Huggards Magic Manual has a section on silks, but the Fulves book is more complete.
  8. But I wont learn much sleights.
  9. Despite being called "self working" it does have some slight of hand. True, it doesn't have anything too diificult. I'm sure there are books out there that are much more in depth. However, for $8, it is a good introduction into using silks.
  10. I finally just picked up the Fulves book and need to start digging into it. To present, my books have been The Amateur Magician's Handbook and Silken Sorcery, for the most part.

    As far as videos go, I have personally gotten a lot out of Duane Laflin's Strong Silk Magic and Simply Beautiful Silk Magic.
  11. Thanks i will look into those.

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