Where to get Wynns?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by J:G, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. hey i have a question, where can i buy wynns??
    i heard they dont sell them anymore here do you know where you
    can get them?
  2. That really depends. If you are looking for Brown Wynn, ebay will probably be your best bet. However, red and blue, I think Kardwell is one of them and there are plenty of other sources you can get them from. Again, ebay probably being the easiest.
  3. Yep, red & blues are easily available anywhere, but for browns, you gotta head over to ebay.
  4. the one eye jacks has gotem
  5. Don't buy from kardwell, they're shipping prices are outrages (cheapest shipping is like $15!!!)

    The best place fullboatdealer on eBay. Her sells many awesome decks in bricks and stuff. Check him out.
  6. k' thanks i will do that
  7. I got lotsa brown wynns here mate. . $18 for a deck. . Negotiable if you buy a brick. . PM me for transactions..
  8. BROWN WYNNS? are those rare??
  9. Naww, 15 bucks. Do you want a HUG?

    Us Australians can pay excess of 100 dollars for shipping.

    How does that make you feel, now?

  10. Kardwell is HORRIBLE on shipping, not just charges, but some orders take afew weeks to even process.. there are many thread on this, PLEASE SEARCH!!!!!

    As for a good deal on wynns, check out my buddy fullboatdealer on ebay.

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