Where to sell my Magic stuff!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ToConjure, Nov 12, 2014.

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  1. I am now fully into cardistry. And the only problem is that I have no idea where to sell all my old magic supplies either. By that I mean books, DVD's, and downloads. I do not want to simply donate to a website. Although, I want to not simply give it away either. Let's say that I sell everyone bit of my magic stuff. Then all that I am left with is Genesis Volume 1 and 2. So, I want to sell my magic stuff and also receive a decent amount of money in return. That way I can use that to go on and purchase some more cardistry stuff. Feel free to post links to any helpful websites or anything else like that. Thanks for the help, and have a great day.
  2. I personally think that re-selling magic is unethical. If you sell a product, you will be making profit instead of the creator, so in a way, you are taking profit away from the creator. Just something to think about.
  3. by that logic reselling anything and everything is unethical. Is that how you feel for everything or just with magic because it's close to your heart?
  4. Hey, thank you nwanstall for replying to this thread! It helps out so much. Now I totally get where you are coming from but I have already payed for the product and given the creator credit. My only thing is that I have grown away from magic and into cardistry. I jus want to know maybe a website or anywhere else that I could possibly sell my magic stuff back too. Thanks again for the reply!
  5. Hello ToConjure! You could try craigslist, that's where I sell my stuff. Hope this helps and Have a good day!
  6. You also. Thanks again!
  7. Wow, this has been a very cordial thread! Our local magic clubs have swap meets from time to time. That is where I usually clean out my junk drawer. I'm not sure how ethical that is but as a creator myself I wouldn't mind you selling my DVD as long as you bought it yourself first.
  8. If that were the case, re-selling anything that you did not create would be "unethical". There would be a heck of a lot of "unethical" used car dealerships out there. In a sense, the creator of something would get more money if I resold their product. If I buy a magic book, the creator gets the initial profit. If I read the magic book, and then I sell it to one of my buddys, then I get money. Once I get money, I could potentially buy another magic book written by the same creator, giving them more money. And my buddy could potentially sell the book I sold him, get money, and buy another magic book from the same person. If I never sell the book to my buddy, I might not have extra cash lying around, and if I dont have some extra cash lying around, I probably won't buy another magic book. So reselling your products, will more than likely give the creator more money.
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  9. I think that the OP would then create a healthy cycle by means that he would use the money gained from the re-selling of the products to buy cardistry products. Win-Win or again 'Unethical'? I think you should do whatever you feel is right.
  10. Not really when you buy a magic DVD, what you really care about is the method. What you buy a DVD or trick you will have the method forever, so I think it's unethical to resell it. A movie, it could just be you don't like it, but if you come to appreciate it later you can buy it again. Not really the case with magic. And since magic is a much smaller industry it elevates what I consider to be slightly unethical to highly unethical. Magicians have to work hard enough to earn a living as it is. You shouldn't make it any harder by selling or buying secondhand, unless the item is no longer being produced.
  11. What if you didn't like the magic trick? it's your obligation to keep it forever because someone might lose money?
    As others pointed out if you sell it for a discount price you might turn someone on to that creator as well as having more money to spend on magic.

    no, just no. I couldn't care less about the method. i'm interested in learning the trick, not the method. Which often involves rewatching many times
  12. True. But once you've done that you're pretty much finished. Anyway learning a trick requires the method. Anyway the possibility you won't like the method is a risk you have to take when buying magic. Otherwise you'll get it for free.
  13. I just think that it is already difficult enough for the creator to make money by selling magic, so you should really think twice before re-selling it. In other areas such as the selling of cars, the companies won't suffer much from used car dealerships because they already have so much money, but when it comes to magic, every sale counts. Again, this is just my opinion. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Sorry if I did.
  14. I feel like if you will never use the trick or gimmick then it would be fine to sell.
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  15. If it's a gimmick, then I agree. But if it's only sleights or uses common gimmicks, then no, I believe it's unethical.
  16. As someone who has at certain points in my life, lived solely off of magic sales of my products, it doesn't bother me that someone wants to sell their magic collection. I am in the process of ridding of TONS of DVDs and books that I no longer have a use for.
  17. It has actually been quite interesting to hear everyone's opinion on this!
  18. As far as i'm concerned selling a download is much worse than selling a dvd and should not be tolerated, because you can sell a download as many times as you want if you wanted to.
  19. Yes I agree. Whatever the verdict is about physical objects, it doesn't apply to downloads. That is completely unethical.
  20. Everyone, please listen. I am not in any way looking to sell downloads. I just have no local magic shops to venture to. And since I am enveloped within cardistry. I would just appreciate a few places to sell my magic products. As in return for me purchasing more cardistry material. I am also not looking to sell my downloads. Only a handful of DVD's and books. Not downloads however. My apologizes if I have stated that. I only meant DVD's and books. So again, please help to guide me off within a direction as to where I could possibly sell my magic material. Thank you in advance.
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