Where to start ring and coin magic

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  1. Hi guys! I've been doing card and rubber band magic for years now but I never got into ring or coin magic, so my question for you guys is where is the best place to start?
  2. I am by no means an expert (I'm just starting off myself with simple vanishes. Still not very good at it, it seems to take longer for me to learn than card magic.) but I've been learning from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, and a chapter in 'The 80s Called, They Want Their Magic Book Back'. That's purely because I like the style of writing though, it's a fun read, but I'd say most of it is fairly average tricks, apart from one or two.
  3. I'd recommend learning slights and vanishes because that's where I started and I love coming up with routines. I've made a coin in can effect. Using slights and vanishes is a good way to start. I started with learning palms and clips and moved to more advanced moves.
  4. Bobo's coin magic.
  5. Bobo's coin book is a must read
    Coin Magic:
    The Black of Spades app just released on android and apple (may be tricky to find as it is new) it is free to download and there is a great section on coins.
    Ring Magic:
    For ring magic check out a DVD called Worlds Greatest Magic - Finger Ring Magic
  6. p.s. Bobo's book is titled Modern Coin Magic
  7. Thanks guy! I'll definitely take a look into Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. I'm still a little confused on where to start for ring magic?
  8. From what I have observed, most of the principles are the same.

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