Which Basics do you prefer ?

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What is your favourite onehanded basic cut ?

  1. Charlier Cut

  2. Revolution Cut

  3. Scissor Cut

  4. Thumb Cut

  5. Rev. Erdnase

  6. Swing Cut

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  7. Pivot Cut

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  8. Dragonfist of Doom 4

  1. What is your favourite basic onehanded Cut ? /discuss
  2. Revolution Cut!!!!!!

    for a spectator, watching the upper stack of the deck revolving around to the bottom is an eye candy...
  3. I really love to do the charlie cut. Its simple and it amazes the audicence. Also I love to pratice Andrei's Backpack cut.
  4. I love doing the Swing Cut.
  5. Dragon what?

    What is the Dragonfist of doom?
  6. The swing and pivot cuts are two-handed, just want to remind everyone. I get it wrong too sometimes, they are so simple that it seems they are one handed cuts.

    I'm workin' on my scissor cuts, sometimes the corners don't clear properly and it makes a mess but in general i'm cool. And also the thumb cut, most times i don't bother with it because in a reasonably fast routine it looks so similar to the other cuts, but i want to be able to do them all, so guess i gotta practice.

    Perhaps Dragon Fist of Doom = Cobra Cuts? :D Try doing two of those well.

    - JCG
  7. Scissor cut for me

    ...and I actually went and looked up Dragon Fist of Doom 4, I'm assuming your not talking about Dragon Ball-Z ;)

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