Which effect fooled you till this day?

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  1. Hello,
    I have an interesting question for you guys today. Name an effect you guys want to perform but still can't figure out OR an effect you think greatest ever ? A magic effect you might have seen at some part of your life.........!
  2. Yes!

    I would love to perform the Exploding Coke Bottle that was popularized by Dynamo, and another effect which isn't really "magic" but its the Phantom Punch by Derren Brown, both effects fooled the hell out of me!
  3. Heh, one that I love is a simple version of card warp by Tyler Wilson in his book. It's called scarred warp and it involves ripping a hole in the cover card during card warp. It's something my brain just doesn't process. I was totally fooled and for that reason I won't buy the book.
  4. Daniel Madison's Angle Zero is pure gold.
  5. Id have to say irreversible by Daniel madison. Blew my mind when i had it performed on me, and finally after getting the book see the genius behind it.
  6. PHANTOM PUNCH is too magical. Is it even possible in real life...............?
  7. Two that I can think of. David Blaine when he puts an ice pick through his hand, or a local magician named Victor Trabucco that performed a "lost and found" card trick that absolutely blew my mind. I can't figure out at all how it was done!
  8. Yes. . .Yes it is. . .

  9. I have seen that video before but still it's hard to believe. It almost seems like stooged.......
  10. I've always loved the classic ring routine and since I have became a magician I've refused to learn or even think about how it is done, like the Messado Rings from ellusionist.
  11. I can tell you how he did that if you want. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you if you don't want to know, though.

    It's not.

    I want to develop a psychic surgery styled routine that involves a specific subject but I haven't found the right way to do it yet. This isn't something I've seen someone else do, it's my own idea, I just haven't yet found a way to perform it that I find to be satisfying.

    While there's stuff out there where I don't know how it's done - the only stuff I would consider to have "fooled me" would be things like ... well, there's some PK work by Dee Christopher that is just so clean I have no idea how he did it. Likewise some of those british mindreaders like Peter Turner - just so clean how they seem to pull that information from nowhere.

    Oh! There's a trick you can find the video of, Reza's Switchblade Illusion. The video is so clean I still suspect editing was involved but I love the trick and have been halfway trying to figure out my own version of that trick for years.
  12. The Blackstone Floating Lightbulb. Although I know what types of gimmicks are involved, I have no idea how they are all utilized.

  13. Seen the video, really cool effect. No editing , it's possible.I think i figured it out. I can tell you my method if you want to know. This is not reveal or anything . I am a beginner , I thinks it's better to share my ideas with more experienced people.
  14. This is a coin trick by slydini, there's this one part at 0:28 where the effect is he transports 3 coin from one hand to the other. This has been bothering me for a while because I don't know how he does it.

  15. David berglas acaan it's just wow
  16. A PK effect that Calen Morelli does with a water bottle at around 1:01 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzD2rXTc3QQ

    And a seemingly original vanish of a match that Justin Flom does at 2:42 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvnc5_3HGiY

    Both of these have consumed too much of my time trying to figure out that I just had to let them go. But hopefully one day I can come up with my own method to match or be similar.
  17. I feel like I might know how it is done. I just want to think there is more of a "trick" and "method" to it than what I am told to believe was done to prepare for that trick.

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