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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking for references for the "which hand" mentalism effect (a spectator holds a small object in one of his hands and the performer know which is). I'm looking for methods that go beyond the body language reading and at the moment I can't find any. Thank you very much!
  2. It's an Al Baker effect, or at least the most "recent" and professional description can be found in his work "The secrets ways of Al Baker".
    Also, for completeness, you can find it in the Chronicles issues by Karl Fulves, but I suggest you to look for the previous choice, if you want to keep both of your kidneys.
    If the kidney is not yours to sell, well, that's another story.
    Good Luck!

  3. My personal favorite "which hand" effect is Tequila Hustler Deluxe by Mark Elsdon, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod, and Michael Murray (the dream team alone should tell you how good it is). It's 100% impromptu and essentially self working. Can't recommend it enough.
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  4. Similar in some ways to Tequila Huslter is Hands Down by the other brothers. These are both logic based which doesn't feel all that pure.

    Patrick Redford released Prevaricator, you need 2 people to do this for but it is incredibly bold and devious. It is logic and based on body language.

    Greg Wilson teaches a version with a silver dollar on his at the table lecture. It's a little bold based on killer psychology and body language.

    Chris Ramsay taught a version on his You Tube channel a little while a go. It's not all that great in comparison and relies completely on body language.

    I have a version I have used that is logic based with an entire audience PM me for details. It's kind of a throw away but I think it's fun.

    Quarterly Report by Rick Lax, is really fun with a prediction on a coin. Super fun and clean!

    If you want to go completely prop-less I LOVE Steinmeyer's 3 ball test. It has some similarities to the which hand plot. You predict one of three balls the audience has chosen as they pass them invisiby from hand to hand.

    Oculus by Brandon Queen is interesting and diabolocal but very difficult. You have to condition your spectator and even then it might not work depending on where you are performing. It is virtually propless.

    Then there is also Peter Turner's which hand routine taught on Freeform Mentalism. It's not 100% but it is based on Peter Turner's "Not Ed Marlo's Snap Change". If you want to add a mix up phase to almost any of these routines this "snap change" is a fun idea.

    If you want to chop off your arm and sell it you could go with one of ProMystic's products for a super clean version. I believe Derren Brown uses a version like this, although it probably won't work with American money. Proximity V2, Finder's Keypers, and Scan 3D all allow you to perform the which hand plot with objects you might carry with you and with a little routining you can use a spectator's object.

    Minimax by Edo is a similar gimmick to what you might find at Pro Mystic

    Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley is also a popular choice.

    Haunted Magic by Rick Maue has a more impromptu version

    Another bold not completley reliable effect was Jerome Finley's Thought Channel. This has a small portion of a larger routine devoted to the which hand effect.

    To continue with different versions we have, A Mental Which Hand by E.E. (Surefire, no props needed).
    Operation Gemini by Reddevil is a study on the plot with interesting additions and expansion,

    Also, I'm not all to familiar with PLAYER by Jose Prager, HandWhich by Dustin Dean, or Silver Swindle (also called Gerti) by Romanos.

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