Which is better honest, extream burn 2.0 or prophet?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JohnnyG, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Hey guys I'm wanting to buy a money trick, I seen prophet and extream burn 2.0. I was wondering which is better, honest opinions here. Also if anyone knows of any other money trick that is superior to these or worth looking at please let me know.
    Thanks guys,
    Johnny G
  2. I use EB 2.0. It is the best multiple bill change IMO. Cannot get much cleaner.
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  3. extreme burn i use it every time i perform!
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  4. Do these effects work well with plastic bills? Canadian problems.
  5. In canada they have plastic money?! I would think that is more expensive to make the money out of plastic.
  6. They're actually some sort of polymer but we all just call them plastic. Bill switches with these are a nightmare.
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  7. You're right, but polymer bills are more durable. Just like calling paper money, paper. As United States Money is not made with paper. They use cotton and linen instead.
  8. I use Extreme Burn as well.

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