Which is Yours and Which is Not?

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  1. I come up with many card tricks in my head. I put some performances on Youtube and sending some to Theory 11's Market. But, sadly my tricks are denied. How can you tell if your tricks are original or similar to another trick?
  2. One word.....Research...
    If you feel it is original, the onus is on you to make sure without a doubt that it is.
  3. Any place to research? Online, books, references?
  4. Books and online would be my thoughts. Sorry if my post seemed condescending. I envy the fact you're trying to create something. Cheers!
  5. Although research is good, it is worthless without knowledge. You need to start with a basic knowledge. If you are talking about card tricks, start with the five book Card College Series. From there, get more books such as ones by Vernon, Jennings, Marlo and then more books like those from John Bannon, John Gustaferro and Tom Stone. Read Genii, especially Roberto Giobbi's columns on plots and techniques.

    Also, a great research tool is here: http://www.conjuringarchive.com
  6. These are great suggestions. As you can see Theory11 holds a high bar for originality. Try sending the ideas to a knowledgeable magician first.

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