which magic wallet you used?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inedhowetrust89, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. for all magician who had one of magic wallet (either card to wallet, fire wallet, himber wallet, etc)
    i want to hear your though about which wallet good for everyday wallet, wallet that can be used for replacing your real and normal wallet.

    i just bought kaps on fire and SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullica and im more into kaps wallet which is looks normal and innocent..

    i feel 90% satisfied with kaps wallet, another 10% regret because the credit card slots not so many.. and the gimmick section so exposed..

    60% satisfied with SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullica, coz strange having a wallet inside another wallet..
    people never saw before...

    so please guys share what you have and what kind of wallet you wear for your acts....
  2. I use "Dissolution" by Luis Vega along with the Son Of A Thief Gimmick also By Luis Vega...oh wait...
  3. I usually use a jardenea's(sp?) wallet.

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