Which of the Art of Astonishment books is best to start?

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  1. I'm asking for a magic book for Christmas, and I'm looking at the AoA collection (I'm wanting to amass more magic books than DVDs at this point). I can just get one book, so I want to know the thoughts people have on them. Is it best to go in sequential order, or does it not matter?

    I mainly do card effects, but I hear these books are jam packed with material for all sorts of magic that I'm willing to learn.
  2. Actually, AoA is mostly cards with other stuff included. I'd go with Volume 1 (Contents Here). I love Unshuffling Rebecca, Gambler vs Magician vs Mentalist, Stapled, Lip Balm (been playing with Okito Boxes lately), Reset (Caleb Wiles has a great variation), Recapped and Las Vegas Leaper. Although I may never perform them, Light and Heavy Dime, Improv Nightshades and Earth Shoes are so much fun to read and think about. I also love the Vanishing Deck, Dehydrated Deck and Solid Deception.
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  3. Thanks for the reply! I was trying to find a table of contents to see what I'd like the most. I'll probably get volume 1 first anyway since I always like to do things that way haha.
  4. I agree with @RealityOne that the first book is the best place to start.

    All the effects that RealityOne mentioned get another vote from me as well. I think they are all really great to perform. I will say at first I thought no one would take these seriously, especially Unshuffling Rebecca (A defective deck? I mean come on!), but when performing I was blown away about how magical it can feel and it gives use to the most underused card of all time, the guarantee card. The only effect that I would add to his list that I have a blast performing is Backlash. It's hard to pick a favorite but that one might be it.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'm really excited now!
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  6. You can't go wrong with any of Paul Harris's material. The effects in all of the AoA series are truly real workers. You'll have a great time going through the first volume.
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  7. The Art of Astonishment books are written in a way that you can start at any book. Number 2 is my favorite :)

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