White Centurions

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  1. Come On. Why don't they print enough for everybody to have a chance to get some. Whats the big deal? What do they print a 100 at a time. I don't see what the big deal is.
  2. agreed

    (word count)
  3. I agree too. Or why don't they just print a 2nd edition White Centurions, kind of like they've done with the Black Ghost deck or the Dan and Dave Smoke and Mirrors Decks?
  4. Just over a thousand decks were printed initially - they were never intended for us to sell. They were intended only as prototypes; a test; a concept. This explains why they don't have a properly designed box (the White Centurion tuck cases are just plain white). Once we got them in hand, we were in love - and that leads us to today.

    One day we might reprint them so that more people can have access to them, but we have no immediate plans to do so.
  5. If they were open to the general public, you guys wouldn't be talking about how much you want to get one. That way they can be used for promotions and the like.
  6. If they were printed for all of us, they wouldn't be called a rare one..
  7. yeah, i'm a little upset too..

    but hopefully, a couple years from now, t11 will reprint it...
    maybe with a better quality (just like the black ghost)
  8. yeah, why dont they make more Morgan Silver Dollars, and more Shelby GT's and more first edition "Expert at the Card Table". its just not fair

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