White Centurions

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  1. Do anybody know if white centurions will be reprinted in future?
  2. Nope. They will not. Some might be handed out as prizes for stuff if they have any left, but they were a limited run only.
  3. but they will always have more 'black' centurions lol
  4. Theory11's worst mistake ever a limited run. the white centurians look WAY better and more elegant than the 'black' centurians. I hate the 'black' cents. but I love the white cents. they look kinda like the Ghost deck (the Ghost deck is my favorite deck but the white cents might have changed that). if theory11 brings back the white cents. I would buy soo many of them I would never have to buy any more...but they wont bring 'em back:(. Theory11's worst mistake.
  5. It's limited to make them special. If everyone made all their cards forever, no cards would really be any more special than the next.
    Just like Brown Wynns, White Cents were meant to be special to their owners.
  6. I get it, but I don't like decks that were printed just to be rare. BGD, White cents, give me a break.
    Decks are meant to be used, not cherished.
    Only rare deck that deserves to be worth a little more than the avg price of a reg deck is the Jerrys Nugget decks since they really can't be produced the same.
    Even so, I bought and use my deck of jerrys because that's what they were made for.
    Once again, decks should be used not cherished.
    -jus sayin
  7. I understand magicians making their cards exclusive, I still don't like it but it's understandable. Bummed about no white cents because those things were BA.
  8. You can still find them for sale if you really want them but they are rather costly.

    They have stated that they printed 1100 decks but decided to go with the black instead. Maybe they did do it so they would be rare but they probably just liked the black better and went mass with those.

    And Danny, what wrong with collecting decks? I've seen many collections that were pretty interesting. I dont collect anything myself but if I did it would probably be decks. Beats the pants off of collecting stamps or bottle caps. To each their own I guess.
  9. I feel that companies are just printing decks to be rare and for that reason only. Printing a few amount so that not everyone will get one, when it's really nothing stopping them to print a second supply.

    So instead of using the cards, no one wants to because the companies made them look like these decks are hard to get. Therefore the deck winds up being locked up somewhere instead of seeing the light of day.

    If you're a collector, then collect the decks.
    But a collector doesn't collect just to hope to sell it one day and get a fortune.
    If a collector is a real collector, he'd still add the White centurions to his collection even if it wasn't worth a lot of money.
    I feel that T11 is making the Wcents collectibles.
  10. Limiting those cards is BS imo.
  11. Companies are not printing decks just to be rare - companies print decks to make money, that's what companies do.
  12. Well said.

    And to be fair to T11, they didn't raise the cost on the white cents at all, and they are giving a lot of them away for free. So keeping them rare collectibles is sorta neat. Acting like you have been harmed in some way because you don't get what you want in life, well, that's the travesty....:rolleyes:

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