White Lions Deck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rongwrong, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. David Blaine just said on Twitter that the White Lions deck is coming on 8th August 'in a very limited quantity'. Just thought I'd share that since you're all such a bunch of card nuts. Also, looks like it could be an amazing deck.


  2. These look like they may end up being durtttty. We may even need bibs.
  3. Forget the cards, I just like the box. :D
  4. Are these gonna be Davids version of white cents or gold arcanes? Or are there going to be reprinted?
  5. Woohoo, another limited deck! I'm gonna buy... um... Zero!
  6. The split spades are pretty amazing those probably would be as well. Too bad I am woefully broke.
  7. Yeah, the backs aren't as nice as the box.
  8. I want the ACAAN that Gerard performed with them. That was insane
  9. Is it just me or does the box remind you of a cigarette box? If it didn't say playing cards on the front... :eek:

    Backs look interesting (reminds me of Stingers with a border), look forward to seeing the faces (although I'm not personally interested in buying).
  10. Lol, it totally does! but its still cool. :D You can be like "hey, do you want a smoke? No? That's good because these are playing cards". :D

    How much are these limited edition decks usually worth after they sell out?
  11. Will it be sold on T11 or where?
  12. Im guessing Th11.

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